Chatbots a critical part of military defensive and offensive technologies

Chatbots a critical part of military defensive and offensive technologies

Just think of the military drones which are so effectively used against terrorist organizations. No doubt that is very costly weaponry systems but if they are lost it is only money but no human lives are lost. This is the benefit of artificial intelligence and chatbots which is used by military forces around the globe. It is a well-known fact that large countries such as the US have invested large sums of money into artificial intelligence. This has resulted in extremely sophisticated weapons systems which can be used with extreme efficiency against remote enemies. Those systems can be sent into battlefields which may be extremely difficult to safely reach on foot or in conventional army vehicles. Highflying drones can make use of high definition cameras which can determine whether there are enemies present and also their numbers and locations. This can make it possible to send in military drones that will be able to avoid antiaircraft systems and who is able to attack difficult targets with a higher rate of success.

Chatbots as military recruiters

The US government is maintaining an army of 1.2 million. Every year thousands of these people are lost due to retirement, personal reasons or health-related issues. They then have to be replaced and this requires a sizable recruitment Department in order to ensure that enough people are recruited to replace those which have been lost. This is a very costly endeavor requiring a large number of people which will be answering telephone calls, reply by email or interact with people on social media. Then someone stumbled upon the idea to make use of artificial intelligence. This led to the creation of Sgt. Star which is a chatbot. This well-known artificial entity was able to successfully do the work which is normally done by 55 human recruiters. Sgt. Star has become one of the best-known members of the US military forces. This chatbot have guided thousands of men and women through the recruitment process. Making use of this chatbot led to savings of millions of dollars a year.

Artificial intelligence reduces cost and increases profits

Wherever artificial intelligence systems have been implemented, they have been helping industries to cut back on overheads. Just like other industries, the US military is also constantly looking at places where costs can be reduced. Having a sophisticated chatbot which is able to work tirelessly 24 hours a day and 365 days a year while it continues to effectively do the work of 55 people will always lead to tremendous savings. In the same way, having weapon systems which function autonomously does not require health insurance, pension or a monthly salary. Once they have been purchased from the manufacturer they will continue to work perfectly. The only thing which will be required is occasional maintenance. The primary advantage is that they can be implemented on the forefront of the battle and there is no need to unnecessarily risk human lives.

Learning from the US military

Industries in the US and elsewhere should learn from the US military when it comes to the implementation of suitable technologies. As soon as new technologies are introduced, the US military will immediately investigate and see whether there is any way to incorporate those technologies into their existing systems. As far as artificial intelligence is concerned the US military is one of the leaders as far as the use of those technologies is concerned. Many of those things which have been discovered by US military can also be implemented in other industries. It has been seen repeatedly that the use of artificial intelligence can help to organize resources a lot better and more effectively than when this is done by human resources. It is also possible to use artificial intelligence to eliminate those actions and processes which is costing a lot of money. This will then result in increased profits and will also help with the expansion of that business or Corporation.

The military shows innovation

There has been a lot of criticism against the US military over the decades. But there can be no doubt that its leaders have been extremely innovative and they have found ways to make the US military into one of the most respected forces on the planet. In order to survive in business today, business owners have to pay attention to what is happening around them. They have to be quick to improvise and to embrace new technologies which can help them to do business more effectively.


Beyond simply stopping credit card fraud in call centers – or reducing the carbon footprint of organizations who cut down on human transportation, chatbots do all sorts of beneficial things: It also makes the world a safer place, reduces payroll taxes and a range of other good causes. It all depends how it is put to use.

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