Bachelorette Bad Boy Chad Johnson Launches New Creator Platform

After months of silence, Bachelor Nations’ Chad Johnson reveals what he has been up to.

In the past decade, technology has evolved at an unprecedented rate. As a result, people are now more connected than ever before, and businesses have been forced to develop. More and more people are turning to digital platforms for their information and entertainment needs. Newspapers are going out of print, books are becoming obsolete, and television is becoming a thing of the past. With this new digital age, Chad Johnson has created a premium subscription website called ‘All Fans’ to allow users to sell access to their exclusive content and never-before-seen footage. Despite what some may think, the site is geared towards all different creators, having already amassed over 30,000 sign-ups.

What is ‘All Fans’?

All Fans is a site similar to Onlyfans that Chad created in response to is a nightmarish experience on Onlyfans. Flashback to 2020: Bachelor bad-boy Chad Johnson found himself looking for new opportunities after Bachelor and ‘ex on the beach’ ended. While reading through comments and DMs fans had sent him, he saw that many of his loyal fans and viewers wanted him to start an ‘Onlyfans,’ so he did. However, Chad soon found it was riddled with bugs, money was disappearing, and the overall lack of security and care for creators baffled the infamous Bachelor Nation star. According to Chad:

“My account was hacked multiple times, and I realized that there was a lot of seedy elements to the OF platform… It just didn’t feel right.”

Why All Fans?

The world of social media is changing, and Chad has taken notice. More and more people are turning to digital platforms for their information and entertainment needs, which is why Chad has created a premium subscription website that Chad says is a better and safer platform than other fan sub-sites.

Chad’s Corner offers subscribers access to exclusive content and never-before-seen footage from his various ventures. Chad says what is fantastic about his new site is that you can make your account free AND premium simultaneously, which means you don’t have to create two accounts (One for free subscribers and one for paid). You’ll be able to lock your premium content while allowing free users to subscribe and purchase content that only paid subs can see, which Chad says has led to a 45% increase in sales for creators. The platform, according to Chad, is “Made by creators for creators.” The site is set up like a proper social media app, and Chad says this was done after conducting hundreds of surveys with creators. Lastly, Chad says this site welcomes any creators, as long as they are 18, and the site is not merely focused on adult content, which Chad says, “You have to toggle NSFW on” to see any explicit content.

Who is Chad Johnson?

Chad Johnson is a seasoned actor, entrepreneur, model, speaker, and bodybuilder. He is mainly known for his role on ‘The Bachelorette,’ where according to Screen Rant, he became recognized as one of the most infamous villains on the show that fans loved to hate on-screen and love to love him off-screen. Chad has been featured on the Today Show, ABC News, TMZ, and more. He’s also one of the founders of All Fans.

Chad has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping other creators and people start their businesses. Chad founded All Fans because he is passionate about safe environments for creators, and when asked about the costs, his response was:

“I don’t care how much time or money it takes to sustain and make a platform that is fair and safe for creators, that’s my main concern.”

How does it work?

All Fans allows anyone with a fanbase to monetize their exclusive and private content. All they have to do is:

1) Sign up and go through a verification

2) Set up their page

3) Upload content

4) Get paid

All Fans also reportedly has higher subscription caps than Onlyfans. Users can set their subscription price up to $250 a month on All Fans! And also says that other stars from Ex on the beach and Bachelor are already signed up!


Chad Johnson has taken his content creation and entertainment know-how and applied it to a new business venture fueled by passion. He has launched a premium subscription website for creators that he believes is better, safer, and more secure than any other site. With the incredible level of passion, support, and dedication that Chad has put into this site, it makes sense that it is better optimized for creators because it was made by one!

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Check out his brand new site if you’re a creator looking to earn!