AI in your messages: Castalia Spring’s 3rdPerson is set to change how you text

Emanuel Gordis and Castalia Spring are Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Your Texts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dominated conversations in all circles in recent months. A topic that used to be the preserve of tech futurists and science fiction speculators is now commonplace across all professions and all aspects of lives. While previously, the idea of an AI machine with the capabilities of some of the present iterations was frightening, most of the general public is now eager to discover the new possibilities the new technology will offer. AI has become the new frontier, and among the myriad of the new explorers are Emanuel Gordis and Castalia Spring, who want to bring AI application to a personal level.

An AI application with personal implications

Castalia Spring, led by founder Emanuel Gordis, is in the process of launching the beta version of 3rdPerson, an application that brings super intelligence to your iMessages. The potential impact 3rdPerson could have can be compared to that of ChatGPT. ChatGPT has made headlines and driven conversations about the AI revolution. Its abilities have seen it create code, write research papers, complete term papers, create business strategies, and so much more. Many are even expecting it to replace Google as a search engine. Well if 3rdPerson can bring such capabilities to text messaging and digital interactions, the implications could be equally massive.

ChatGPT’s model language GPT 3 is already having a significant impact elsewhere, with over 300 applications using it to provide solutions in wide-ranging spheres, including content creation, coding, design, and marketing. However, all these are business-centred applications. 3rdPerson offers solutions in your personal interactions, a considerable departure from where most AI solutions are heading.

3rdPerson features

The outstanding attraction of the application is its ability for relationship analysis. The app can analyze all text conversations and pick up on insights like emotions, the balance of the conversation, personality traits, intentions, and other subtleties. From these insights and texting patterns, 3rdPerson can help users understand the flow of their conversation and, more importantly, create more meaningful connections and converse clearly.

We have all had moments where we wanted to know the intentions of the new acquaintance, or what a certain message from a crush meant, or missed text patterns that would have notified us of a change in a relationship early on. Do you want to know why someone is not answering back? Do you want to know whether someone is flirting with you, or maybe you suspect they are gaslighting you over something? 3rdPerson will have answers for such questions and more.

On top of that, the application also offers the convenience of retrieving information shared with you in conversations that you may have forgotten and do not want to go scrolling through the different messaging apps to get it. Whether it is something as small as a pin to a location, a link, or a code to an Airbnb door, or as complex as getting a summary of notes a friend shared, you ask 3rdPerson you will get it.

What about privacy?

To provide such insights 3rdPerson has to access plenty of personal data, raising legitimate concerns. However, Gordis believes the built-in mechanisms, including secure and encrypted messages which are deleted after processing, are sufficient to guard personal privacy. User data is also not shared or sold, and no human eyes can access the chats.

About Emanuel Gordis and Castalia Spring

Emanuel Gordis is the founder of Castalia Spring, an artificial intelligence technology startup. He studied Physics at Cornell University and was the world’s youngest federally licensed nuclear reactor operator at 18 years old. He is publishing a breakthrough quantum mechanics paper in collaboration with Princeton University. AI is here to stay, and many experts believe we are just scratching the surface. With Castalia Spring’s 3rdPerson, it will be making an entry to our intimate spaces. Such a foray into private lives brings many questions and fears over privacy. There is also the question of whether, in trying to improve one crucial aspect of human interaction, 3rdPerson will make humans more reliant on the software.

However, any tech advancement is a bold shot in the unknown, and Castalia Spring is one of the boldest startups, given the range and nature of their products and their confidence in their pioneering product. They are confident that 3rdPerson will improve human interaction through messaging and help users carry the insights to face-to-face conversations. More updates and information on 3rdPerson can be found on Emanuel Gordis’ Instagram Account

In a way, it seems appropriate, considering technology is often accused of breaking down human interaction and killing social skills, especially among the younger generation. It is only fair that it lifts its weight in helping correct some of it, even if it means removing the ambiguity of text messages and supporting the various parties to communicate better and clearly. The pitfalls remain, but for Emanuel Gordis, the way is ever forward, starting first with the beta launch and then revolutionizing how we text each other.