Why It is Super Important To Have a Degassing Valve on Your Coffee Packaging

Why It is Super Important To Have a Degassing Valve on Your Coffee Packaging

Finding the right packaging for your coffee can feel like walking a tightrope, but luckily there are a couple of tried-and-true options. Most brands opt for either a vacuum-sealed package that minimizes space or a resealable bag that has a degassing valve. Some larger units sometimes ship in canisters, but even there the bag with a valve is winning among those who want to preserve freshness. When it comes to what consumers prefer, there is a clear reason why bags with valves win out, and once you review the comparison between your choices, you’ll understand.

Keep Roasted Coffee Fresh

While coffee in a canister has been popular for a long time, it is also one of the least effective ways to store it long-term. As long as the canister is sealed, it is effective, but once opened, there is no way to control airflow and keep the flavor compounds from breaking down. That is also why vacuum-sealed packaging is less desirable to many consumers. You might save space in shipping and on the shelf, but the customer still has to empty it into a container for long-term storage, so it winds up being a lot like canister packaging in the end.

By contrast, custom coffee bags with valves allow you to remove air from the bag after resealing, and that provides the customer with a much longer window of freshness after grinding. Since many customers use large in-store grinders on an entire bag at once, it’s a great advantage for any brand that wants to make sure the last cup is just as fresh as the first.

Maintain Coffee Flavor for Longer

Extending freshness also means preserving flavor. A lot of what makes coffee take on a stale taste is actually the oils and other flavor compounds breaking down, often due to oxidation. Like many volatile compounds, the ones that communicate the robust flavors in fresh coffee are prone to react with the air itself, which means the better the seal on your packaging and the less air there is inside, the longer the coffee will taste great.

The degassing valve is not the only way that today’s custom coffee bags help you with flavor longevity. Choosing a bag made from an airtight material like mylar also helps. Mylar is popular across many food packaging niches because it seals well enough to lock in scents, which means it can also lock in flavor. The result is packaging that delivers a fresh-ground experience for a lot longer and customers who enjoy every cup more.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When you work with a company that understands your needs, you have the opportunity to design your packaging to suit your brand, down to the size of the bag. If you need help with that design, professionals in packaging can give you feedback about visibility and options. In fact, if you have sample designs, it is often a simple matter to visually simulate the printed bag, allowing you to make tweaks before you even print a sample run. Just search for flexible packaging companies near me to learn more.