Well Known Manhattan Catholic Priest Father George Rutler Clears His Name


Father George Rutler is a renowned religious figure in the Catholic Church. He has dedicated his entire life to the lessons of God and has remained committed to teaching those lessons to fellow Catholic believers. From obtaining several degrees from numerous universities to preaching the word of the Lord to churches across New York City, Rutler has made a name for himself amongst the community.

Rutler began his religious journey by becoming the youngest rector in the country when he headed the Church of the Good Shepherd in Pennsylvania. He began his seminary studies at the North American College in Rome. After spending years bettering his education, Rutler graduated as a Rufus Choate Scholar at the University of Dartmouth. He also took advanced degrees at Johns Hopkins University. By the time he finished his studies, he obtained numerous degrees including the Pontifical Doctorate in Sacred Theology. It is safe to say that his educational years were years well spent as he immediately began his religious career back in New York.

After returning to the states, he was ordained to the priesthood at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York by His Eminence Terence Cardinal Cooke in 1981. He also served as associate pastor for three different churches throughout New York City. After his many years of experience, Father George Rutler was appointed as pastor of St. Michael the Archangel by Cardinal Dolan in 2013.

Back in 2020, Rutler was accused of sexual assault by a 22 year old woman. It was announced at the end of May of 2021 that those charges have officially been dropped. Crisis magazine reported that “after a 7 month investigation, the Manhattan district attorney has announced that accusations against Fr. George Rutler was unfounded and had no legal standing. All charges have been dropped.” Rutler and his team have yet to publicly make a statement on the subject, but that announcement will surely help clear up Rutler’s name from any negative connotation.

Rutler has vocally denied the allegations when the investigation was ongoing. He wrote in a letter back in November of 2020. He wrote, “A woman security guard who was temporarily assigned to provide security at our parish at the time of the election has alleged that on one occasion I improperly touched her. Responsible authorities are investigating her allegations. I strongly deny this allegation, which I maintain is incoherent and painful to my reputation and inconsistent with how I have conducted myself in fifty years of ministerial service without any accusation of misbehavior.”

To cooperate with the investigation, he voluntarily stepped down as pastor. Members of the Catholic community are thrilled about the news, for they do not want any reason for Father George Rutler’s name to be smeared. The DA’s office has until August 13th, 2021 to make the news official.

As an individual who has served as such an honorable and heroic role during times of crisis and times where people have sought out teachings from God, Father Rutler is a person who is meant to be celebrated. After he assisted firefighters and police officers during the attacks on 9/11, former President George W. Bush declared him as an honorable firefighter in the State of Texas. He has shown time and time again that he lives to serve and dedicate his time to help other people. It is a relief to learn that these allegations made against him were proven to be false, and once everything is finalized, the priest can finally put this chapter behind him and focus on his duties and responsibilities in the church, because that is what means the most to him.