TRUiC launches a new free logo maker to help startups

TRUiC Free logo maker

Many so-called free logo makers charge users to access the end product, or twist the user-experience into a paid subscription and harvest their personal details. After discovering this, TRUiC decided to launch a modern logo maker without a catch: It requires no login or personal details and does not come with an upsell.

The CEO, Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi says that, “A business logo is an integral part of a branding strategy to help set a business apart from the competition. TRUiC’s logo maker is one of the new-generation logo makers on the market today, taking the art of logo designing straight to the users who need it most”. (Suggested: Try the free logo maker from TRUiC)

TRUiC’s logo maker is exceptionally quick and easy to use, and more importantly, it’s a service provided entirely free of charge. To use the application a business just needs to enter its name, the industry in which it operates in and a tagline into the logo maker. Within seconds the algorithm will provide over one thousand logo templates and customizable designs. There is also the option to edit any of the designs to create something more individual. In just a few simple steps any business can have a professional-looking logo.

How to use TRUiC’s logo maker

To use TRUiC’s logo maker, a business should have a vague idea of what kind of design they are looking for. TRUiC’s logo maker provides options for text, graphics, symbols, and icons to be included in each design. Businesses should keep in mind that the logo needs to represent the business and what it offers. Symbols, icons, and fonts can go a long way in conveying what a business is about and the products and services on offer. Text-based logo designs are optimal if the business name is the sole focus of a particular branding strategy, while graphic logos are used more by businesses who are able to convey their service or product through a symbol, icon, or diagram. If the symbol option is chosen the logo maker will provide geometric and organic shapes, icons, and symbols from which to choose from depending on the industry selected. The logo can be designed and customized by using varying font sizes, color sets, and variation, as well as graphics and icons.

Once a logo has been decided on, it is important to do a logo design trademark search to make sure that the logo has not already been used by another business. A search can be done through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This search will determine whether the logo is unique and 100% safe to use in a business environment.

The benefits of TRUiC’s logo maker

TRUiC Logo maker

The fact that TRUiC’s new logo maker is so quick, easy to use, and free of charge, makes it one of the best logo makers on the market today. What’s more, their online logo designs are unique in that they are based on icons and designs created by TRUiC’s designers, which are paired by graphics, fonts, and styles. This ensures that no legal issues, regarding copyrights, will plague your business. Once a logo design has been completed, the end product is available for download. It can then be further customized to suit the branding needs of the business it will be used for.

Whether a logo is needed for business cards, correspondences, billboards, or other brandable items, TRUiC’s logo maker can provide it. Once a logo has been downloaded, the program can continue being used to generate more logo designs and download them, for free. This is a handy option if a variety of logo designs and options are needed for a business owner to choose from. TRUiC’s logo maker can provide a multitude of high-resolution logos, all free of charge. The logo maker does not require users to login, as they simply need to visit TRUiC’s site to start designing the logo. Creating a logo design through TRUiC’s logo makers is a simple, hassle-free experience, and an effective way to improve the branding of any business.

About TRUiC

TRUiC’s logo maker is but one of the many free resources that small businesses and startups can make use of.  For more information on the different resources, visit TRUiC’s website to get the assistance you need, whether it is forming your first business or creating a business logo to better promote and brand your business product and services. The “How to start a business” guide is the result of years of combined research, focusing on doing business in the US.