Top 5 influential nonprofit executives that will impact the world in 2021

Charities and other nonprofits in the United States have for decades been tackling social, judicial, environmental, and business-related issues that have been overlooked by federal and state governments. A report released in 2020 by the National Center for Charitable Statistics or NCCS revealed that more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are currently registered in the United States.

But although these nonprofits and charities have been carrying out the work to ensure the betterment of civil society, there has always been a voice of leadership that has been driving the involvement of these foundations and organizations. These visionary leaders have become an essential part of every foundation and nonprofit, seeking new ways to get active community involvement, making a difference where it’s needed, and hosting essential attributes that will ensure their movement and cause will leave a lasting legacy.

The founders of these charities and organizations have lived through hardships, while others have simply dedicated their lives to improve and develop the livelihoods of those struggling in a society blinded to see the civil and societal injustice currently taking place.

Captain Daniel Andrews – Captains for Clean Water

Capt. Daniel Andrews, Executive Director of Captains for Clean Water has for some time now been involved in the implementation and restoring of water quality in and around the Florida area. A former fishing guide, Andrews witnessed how mismanagement of funds, corruption, and unethical practices has led to the declining health and safety of the Everglades. Andrews has created close ties with elected government officials and government agencies, monitoring Florida water policy and projects and essentially the protection of Florida’s largest drinking water source, the Biscayne Aquifer.

Kimberly Novod – Saul’s Light

This New Orleans-based charity was founded back in 2014 after founder Kimberley and her husband, Aaron Novod’s son, Saul was born prematurely. After being born at 28 weeks and 6 days, Saul Novod passed away in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – and after this experience, Kimberley established Saul’s Light, a nonprofit focusing on providing support to those in her community with babies in NICU. Kimberley has managed to receive active community involvement, allowing her to give the needed emotional support and resources to those in times of crisis.

Fredrick Scott – The Most Fortunate Foundation

Founded in 2013, founder Fredrick Scott and his team of volunteers have been actively assisting and supporting African American juveniles incarcerated in Baltimore City. Volunteer work conducted by the foundation has seen roughly 2,200 juveniles receive mentorship, spiritual enrichment, career development & navigation, job placement, criminal record expungement, and school enrollment. The implementation of deliberate strategies to assist the incarcerated black youth of Baltimore City and surrounding counties has helped thousands with a smoother re-entry into society. Additionally, they have sought out to distribute food and clothing items to homeless and more vulnerable families and trying to provide high-quality housing for Military veterans in Baltimore City. Doing their part to make a difference by stopping systematic racism in the U.S. Juvenile detention and prison industrial complex.

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Phyliss Everette – Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation

After retaining 25 years of experience in the corporate environment and working as the Program Director for a Health Clinic, Phyliss Everette founded the STWF. The work of her foundation focuses on the importance of undoing racism and white supremacy in Austin, TX, and addressing the issues of systemic racism in multi-racial communities. Everette has created one of the most pivotal foundations in a time where Americans are ever more divided by racial injustice. 

Nelson Jia Jun Ng – ProjectED

Malaysian citizen and founder of ProjectED, Nelson Jia Jun Ng has developed a student-led organization that focuses on the procurement of funds and financial support for underprivileged students in rural indigenous communities of Malaysia. ProjectED aims to secure enough funding for students to pursue tertiary education in local universities. Currently, the organization has impacted more than 2,000 students, with more than 100 volunteers providing educational workshops and other educational tools.