Surety Market 2022 Key Players Data and Industry Analysis

Surety Market

The Global Surety Market was estimated at $16.07 billion in 2019 and is predicted to reach $25.18 billion by 2027 and is anticipated to grow during the year 2020 to 2027 at a CAGR of 6.4%.

In finance, surety, surety bond, or guarantee is a commitment made by one party to accept responsibility for a borrower’s debt obligation, if that borrower defaults. A surety bond or surety is a commitment made by a surety or guarantor to pay a particular sum to one party (the oblige) if a second party (the principal) fails to meet any duty, such as meeting the conditions of a contract. The oblige is protected by the surety bond against losses caused by the principal’s failure to meet the obligation. A “”surety”” or “”guarantor”” refers to the person or corporation who makes the commitment.

Surety is known for being a zero-loss business. However, this is simply theoretical because there are genuine reductions in certainty. However, because of the way insurance works, there will always be claims. Insurance firms take on new business knowing that there would be claims. As a result, insurance companies examine their loss ratio to ensure that they do not lose money. The law of huge numbers allows a profit to be made. They charge a wide range of premiums; thus, the insurance product generates millions or billions of dollars in revenue. Because of the 100 percent loss ratio, some of the insurance provider’s accounts generate a profit.

One of the major drivers for global surety market is gaining the popularity of Public Private Partnership (PPP) not only in developed but also in emerging economies worldwide. Whereas, development and infrastructure investment are the major problem to handle for government all over the world.

As with the increase in the urbanization, the emerging economies are noticing and trying to develop their analytical infrastructure. While developed economies are looking forward to expand their ongoing or existing infrastructure. The ongoing expansion in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is growing with the increasing requirement for the infrastructure development along with growing economic restrictions, to help and support the government to fulfill the upcoming challenges.

Besides, using long term debt instruments the US government supports to finance PPP and they also take initiatives like, tax concessions for municipal and government bonds along with infrastructure finance. Along with US, the Canadian government also supports PPP at its own level and encourage in growth at municipal level as well.

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Impact of Covid-19 on Global Surety Market-

The impact of Covid-19 has left the players of construction industry to stop their projects for the time being. The covid-19 has uncertain impact on the developed and developing countries, the construction industry is slow down.

The Global Surety Market Insights-

There is a high requirement for insurance of innovative construction in high developing market like China. China’s President, in 2013 launched One Belt, One Road Initiative policy, and is predicted to offer growth opportunities for the surety market. The initiative mainly attracts investments in energy sectors and in transportation, includes bridge, road, railways, power grid and air ports.

The commercial insurance is predicted to progress in projects, associated with the premium incomes beyond the fastest increasing global insurance market. According to Swiss Re, around $7 million has been already produces in commercial premium.

By 2030, around $27 billion in additional expected premium could be generated to fund in the future investment, and leads to execution of lined up projects. By taking these points in consideration, the surety market is expected to be beneficial by this One Belt, One Road Initiative.

The Global Surety Market is Segmented by Bond Type and by Geography:

The Surety Market – By Bond Type

Contract Surety Bond

Court Surety Bond

Commercial Surety Bond

Fidelity Surety Bond

The Surety Market- By Geography







Rest of Europe

North America




Asia Pacific




South Korea


Rest of APAC

South America


Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


Rest of Middle East and Africa

Drivers of the surety Market-

The increasing popularity of Public Private Partnership among both developed and developing countries.

Implementing One Belt, One Road Initiative Policy.

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Global Surety Industry Market: Key trends

Growing need for innovative insurance solutions to offer affluent opportunity to surety market

Since the One Belt One Road Initiative is expected to bring growth prospects to the surety market, there is a high need for innovative construction insurance in high-growing economies like China. As a foreign policy directive, China’s President established the One Belt, One Road Initiative in 2013. The determined investment strategy intends to boost both Chinese and global economic growth. Considered as a “”mega infrastructure project,”” aims to attract investment mostly in the transportation and energy sectors, including roads, bridges, railroads, ports, and power grids. The fastest-growing global insurance sector, commercial insurance, is likely to see an increase in project-related premium income.