SpectrumVoIP is Debuting a Managed Services Bundle

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An academic article has noted that the revolution brought about by the internet drastically changed the nature of telecommunication systems. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of the most popular and prominent technologies in the telecommunications area based on the Internet Protocol. Additionally, the quality of a VoIP signal is dependent upon a number of factors, including the conditions of the network, coding processes, and speech content among other things. The article produced a review of these issues in the context of VoIP providing an analogous solution to landline-based telecommunications. This review tracks the entire journey of VoIP, from transferring voice data over packet-switched networks all the way to modern VoIP systems.

While the internet has changed how communication is handled thanks to VoIP, not all VoIP services are created equally. There is a plethora of options when it comes to VoIP service providers, and each of these providers will likely offer different quality and value for their services. One such provider is SpectrumVoIP which has recently launched a first-of-its-kind Managed Services Bundle. This bundle includes a number of features that make it a compelling option for small and medium businesses.

SpectrumVoIP and The Total Managed Network Bundle

SpectrumVoIP’s new Total Managed Network Bundle is a comprehensive service for any company. This service includes a number of features which make it a compelling add-on to their flagship VoIP service. Beginning with commercial WiFi that provides separate corporate and guest WiFi connections. Next up is cellular failover which provides a cellular backup for phone and POS systems in the event of internet failure.  And lastly, managed firewall which provides traffic-shaping services for VoIP communications and unwanted office browsing.

The Total Managed Network Bundle was created to help small and medium businesses manage their network needs without having to pay a contractor or make an internal IT hire.  SpectrumVoIP also prides itself on being able to deliver a high degree of customer service as well as professional VoIP equipment. All of these elements have the potential to ensure that a business is protected from unnecessary costs and administrative tasks in the VoIP and networking  space.

The service in the bundle with the highest perceived value is cellular failover from SpectrumVoIP. The company will provide customers with a cellular backup in case of internet failure. This system uses high-speed cellular connectivity from top networks to back up a client’s connection. Their system provides a seamless rollover from WiFi to cellular to ensure that there is no downtime in the incident of an internet failure. Additionally, the backup system can keep a POS system online even if the internet goes down. The combination of these systems helps to ensure that should anything go wrong, a business will be covered.

In addition to the cellular failover service, the bundle also includes commercial WiFi and a managed firewall. Commercial WiFi provides a large-area mesh network and can be beneficial for a business that wants to separate their corporate WiFi network from their customer or guest WiFi. This can improve security and will conveniently provide guests with easy access to the internet in waiting areas or conference rooms. The managed firewall serves to ensure that VoIP calls and point-of-sale systems get top priority and that unwanted network traffic in or out  is kept to a minimum. This means network security issues and unwanted office internet browsing are a thing of the past.

There are also other potential benefits from the company’s Total Managed Network Bundle. These are largely based on their flagship VoIP product, the Everything Plan. The Everything Plan is tailored to suit the needs of any small to medium business and cover their telecommunications needs. The plan includes some of the newest hardware on the market, as well as unlimited training, 24/7 support, professional installation, and an assigned project manager; all included in the monthly cost. The Total Managed Network Bundle functions as an addition to this base service. It is through the combination of these components that a business can satisfy its entire telecommunications needs and potentially save the businesses money, even without an IT contractor or in-house specialist.

Final Thoughts

As a part of the radical shift to internet-based telecommunications, VoIP is essential in modern day business environments. SpectrumVoIP is a VoIP service provider that has recently debuted a first-of-its-kind bundle called the Total Managed Network Bundle. This includes a number of useful features for businesses of any size. These features can minimize or eliminate the need for a dedicated on contract IT specialist thanks to the heavy lifting being done by the company. Additionally, the new bundle functions best as an add-on to the company’s Everything Plan which thoroughly provides for a business’s telecommunications and VoIP needs.