Outside of the Corporate World? Here Are Some Resources To Help You

Outside of the Corporate World? Here Are Some Resources To Help You

Navigating the world of work can be difficult, especially if you’re not part of the ever-grinding corporate machine and are trying to make your way as a start up, small time producer, or even as an individual. Luckily, there are resources out there for you which can help you make sure you’re making the most of your business and employment experiences.

  • Are you running the tech start-up of your dreams?

Have you ever heard of a start-up incubator? Neither had we, but that’s exactly what are, and it means that if you’re a tech start-up you should be interested. Though you’ve already done the hardest work of all in getting your business off the ground, transitioning from a start up to something more can be difficult to handle alone – and this is where this kind of assistance comes in, helping to connect you with amazing capital and investments so you can spend more time nurturing existing relationships, building up your employees, and exploring new directions to take your business rather than getting bogged down in the nitty gritty. Having the right support and being surrounded by other people who are extremely motivated will make a world of difference for the progression of your startup.

  • Are you a supplier in the food industry?

Have you thought for a while that it can be difficult to find the information you need about the rules and regulations in Canada’s food services sector? Well so have the good folks over at PASC-FHCP, who are seeking to change that to make it easier for you to access information about initiatives that might be useful to you; additionally, they’re fighting or change to rebalance power into the hands of food suppliers and farmers rather than corporate machines who control the food market. If these sound like projects that are of interest to you in the food industry then they are the people for you.

  • Hunting for something new?

Maybe you’ve just left the corporate sector, and you’re reading this article while thinking ‘I don’t even know what I’m interested in.’ But one thing you do know is that you were unfairly treated at your last job, and you feel like you haven’t had the opportunity to be heard. If that sounds like you then it might be time to look into hiring a workplace lawyer, who can inform you on whether your treatment was just unfair or actually illegal – and help you take the necessary steps from there before you move on to find your dream job! It can be really hard to come up with something new, but there’s one place where I find a lot of inspiration and that’s Youtube. You can watch Tedtalks to get inspired by different professions to maybe find something new that would work for you.

Navigating all the different industries and pitfalls of the world of work can be really confusing and stressful – but luckily, whether you’re hoping to build up your startup, change regulations for the better, or fight back against unfair treatment, this article should have offered some useful resources.