Organising an event? Here’s a few things to keep in mind

Organising an event

There are lots of little things that make all the difference when you’re planning an event, and it’s not always the things you think. People can out a lot of emphasis on the venue, for example or the catering – and while these things are definitely important to throwing a high quality and memorable event, they aren’t the only important considerations. Often, it’s actually specific moments or whimsical additions that make an event especially memorable.

For example, if you’re planning a corporate away day, you might focus on organising the best activities, efficient transport, a great lunch, or even how to evaluate the success of the day and its impact after the fact. But actually, the most memorable part of any away day should be the speakers as they’re the ones that convey the message you want your employees to go away with. So, you should make sure you put energy into finding the best keynote speakers for your event, rather than booking whoever comes along first. This will help make your event not only one to remember, but one that adds genuine value to your away day event.

Similarly, large and emotionally important events like weddings are often very stressful to plan and execute – even for professionals – and it can be very easy to get caught up in perfectionism, examining the petals of every flower or overseeing the cooking of every last dessert. While everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, this shouldn’t be the focus at the expense of other details that make your big day stand out from the crowd; for example, whimsical details like having disposable cameras on the tables add to the day, but aren’t integral to the event, so it would be easy to miss this out even though it’s likely to be one of the things that makes the event that much more memorable for its attendees. So, instead of micromanaging the flower arrangements, make sure finding the best disposable cameras for weddings doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Similarly, it’s easy to get carried away planning these special events and slowly stretching your budget, by increments each time – until by the end, you realise you’ve massively overstepped your limits. In order to avoid this happening, it isn’t the worst idea to make sure you’re working with financial advisors when planning a large event, who can help you find the balance between a great event and a sustainable cost – which is something you can learn more about here.

Planning an event is always stressful, but as long as you remember that the devil is in the details and keep your eye on the budget, you’ll be sure to host an amazing day.