Land, Sea or Air: Prestige Hire Australia Cruises To The Top On All Elements

Land Sea or Air Prestige Hire Australia Cruises To The Top On All Elements

It has been over a decade since Prestige Hire Australia was founded, and they continue to pride themselves on their ability to offer an unparalleled professional and discreet service, using their plethora of luxury vehicles. A broad and wide range of services and packages is offered by this premium chauffeur and transfer company, who are also more than happy to customise their services to suit a customer’s needs.

Prestige Hire Australia dedicate themselves to ensuring that each and every one of their clients is treated like absolute royalty. The enjoyment, satisfaction, and security they can provide customers with is of the utmost importance to them – and they are more than capable of providing this with their fleet of immaculate Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, Ferraris (plus other limousines) that are second to none. They swear that customers will love every second.

Multi-Modal Transport


Hiring a luxury car can completely transform a special occasion. In the case of weddings, for example, access to the luxury wedding car Sydney can make the wedding look and feel infinitely more special. Prestige Hire Australia enables its customers to also choose a Lamborghini for wedding hire Sydney at an affordable price.

In addition to this, customers are also able to access Maserati wedding car hire Sydney to make that big difference for a wedding-like occasion. Such cars are sure to make you feel very relaxed, as well as allow you to enjoy the ride in a luxury car to the fullest.


Prestige Hire offers a range of superyachts to their customers – these are perfect for when one is planning for more than just a standard party.

Their top of the line offering is a 103ft prestige superyacht – it has beautiful interiors and massive spaces of decking so that it can cater to an array of exclusive functions, from corporate events to more private and exclusive holidays.

Next up is a 86ft luxury superyacht – this sleek, sophisticated and superbly appointed beauty was carefully curated with indulgence in mind. It was constructed stunningly, complete with twitch polished timbers and chrome, by Precision Marine. This yacht has a cruising speed of 12 knots, which is ideal for exploring Sydney. This superyacht was built in 2006, but received a deep refurbishment in 2016.

The final option is a 50ft luxury yacht – this was one of the first luxury charter yachts with IPS drives in Australia. Despite being the cheapest of the offerings, this is not reflective of this beauty. She is a stunning vessel offering a number of entertaining areas; the upper deck, for example, provides a saloon full of light and space due to its large electric sunroof. Opening it alongside the cockpit doors wide to enjoy the full benefits of the sun’s warm rays.


With the large distance between Australia’s major attractions and cities, private aviation is still the quickest and most comfortable method of travelling around Australia or the world. One of Prestige Hire’s jets allows you to choose your own itinerary and departure times, this makes travel a breeze – both comfortable and convenient.

The first option available to Prestige Hire’s customers is the Gulfstream GIV Personal Luxury Jet. The jet provides transcontinental range and a crew of two pilots and a flight attendant. Following the recent cabin refurbishments, up to 14 people can be catered for in full comfort and luxury; ten in individual leather executive seats that can swivel and recline, and four in a business lounge.

The second jet in their lineup is the LearJet 31 Luxury Jet. This jet combines the fuselage and engines of the models 35 and 36 with the Longhorn wing of the 28, 29 and 50 models. Delta-fins and a ski-locker increase its utility and performance. Increased directional stability, as a result of this is always a welcome benefit.

The final jet available for hire is the Falcon 900 Luxury Jet; this impressive private jet has a flight range exceeding 5,000 miles, a spacious cabin and an unconventional configuration that uses three engines. This extremely popular jet is ideal for long overseas flights as its third engine increases safety and offers great flexibility when organising flights.

Closing Statement

On balance, Prestige Hire Australia is the one stop shop for anyone looking to hire luxury vehicles of any kind: land, sea or air.