Instagram Verification: Latest Updates


  • As Instagram continues to develop and expand with new features that rival other popular social media platforms, understanding the platform and remaining up-to-date becomes even more important. 
  • With the prospect of Instagram Reels giving users the ability to share short, 15 second videos embedded with numerous creative instruments including personalised music, text, and special effects, Instagram is preparing to remain a social media platform that engages with its users and identifies, and delivers, its needs. 
  • Sitetrail Media, an agency that manages Instagram Verification says that “Fast-track” options will only work in specific cases and that there is no way of gaming the system and that requirements have to be met in all cases. 

Emulating the relaxed vibe of the primary competitor, TikTok, Instagram Reels presents users with a brand-new opportunity to showcase content that is fun and engaging and which counters the criticism that Instagram is too stylised and artificial. The feature allows users to decide on their own music or choose from a massive library, and this will only serve to attract many more users and retain the billions already on the platform. Social media influencers are offered a new way of creating and distributing content based on follower’s desires. Clearly Twitter and Youtube verification is equally desirable for this reason.

 As such, now, more than ever, it’s essential to know how you can reach more people through Instagram and have people view your profile as credible. Instagram has more than one billion users monthly, after only Facebook and YouTube, and is one of the most well-known social media platforms. This reach means that Instagram has exceptional potential when it comes to media marketing. The Apple App Store ranked Instagram as the second most downloaded app of 2019, and in the same year Instagram brought in $20 billion in ad revenue. All of these users already know how to use the platform and it forms part of their daily social media intake so new features already have a massive following which have the potential to be strengthened immensely. 

Now, social media influencers and brands have even more of a chance to tap into the existing Instagram community and produce their own unique content. This is especially true for businesses and brands who want to broaden their target audience and infiltrate new markets. 

The verdict on Instagram Verification:

The only “quick fix” to getting verified is if you have a strong follower count and strong press. Otherwise, if you are unknown, not willing to spend on PR or building your follower count – then becoming verified on Instagram will only come from a culmination of years of work that is put into developing a popular, well-known brand or identity. If your business or personal brand is truly influential in your industry and has a large supporting audience then it will be quite easy for you to apply for your Instagram verified badge. 

You will however have to maintain a clean reputation to ensure that Instagram has no reason to remove your verification badge at a later stage. The Terms of Use and Community Guidelines highlight in detail what is allowed and what is not. For those who are verified, the rules are of even more import than the average user. Being verified means that you have a following who will strive to emulate you or your values; as such, the guidelines set out by Instagram will be closely monitored and action will be taken should they be violated. Still, being verified is a goal for many brands and the benefits are numerous, especially as the platform expands its capabilities. 

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