How smart home devices can save you money

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Research has found that smart home devices can incur substantial savings in energy costs. It claims that on average, the benefits of smart home systems can be regarded as comfortable, secured, economic, energy-efficient, flexible, and reliable.

Vendors of smart home accessories make a lot of promises, especially money and energy savings. It is true that some appliances are “energy vampires” that suck power when they are plugged in, whether they are being used or not. The worst are laptop and smartphone chargers and devices, such as television, that have active standby modes. The question is: are smart home devices capable of saving energy and money? Here is how some of them can save money and optimize energy savings.

Smart outlet or power strip

The easiest way to manage energy vampires is to use a power strip or smart outlet that automatically senses and cuts off power to devices in standby mode or not in use. The American Council for An Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) reported that various non-essential appliances use 20% of the energy in an average American home. This can be halved by switching to smart plugs and outlets.

Smart energy monitors

Householders who can’t check the meter regularly to track energy usage in real-time can now use smart energy monitors. These devices track energy usage whether people are home or not. They also have appliance detection features that detect which gadgets are on and when. With these devices, householders can stop energy drainage fast.

Smart sprinklers

Householders use a lot of water, energy and time to maintain gardens. They can save all these, and money, with customizable and programmable sprinkler control systems. The systems can detect soil moisture, weather and varying needs of different plants and water the garden when it’s absolutely necessary.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats reduce heating and cooling costs which make up a significant portion of every home’s total energy costs. They provide more precise control of the interior temperature, and prevent needless heating or cooling of unused spaces. With better settings, a good HVAC system and climate control efforts such as insulation and maintained window seals, the household can greatly reduce energy costs.

Smart lighting

The best smart lighting products save energy because they can be programmed to automatically turn off lights when not in use. They work better with LED smart bulbs which are more energy efficient than the older versions. Also, many smart lighting devices, like switches and outlets, now come with an energy monitoring feature. Householders can access their energy consumption statistics on their phone apps. They can even use lighting as a burglar deterrent by leaving a few lights on as a security measure at a minimal extra cost.

Smart window coverings

Curtains, blinds and other light blockers contribute to energy savings. If they are smart, householders can program the system to automatically respond to the environment. Experts at ACEEE estimate that smart window coverings can save up to 20% in space cooling and heating costs and up to 3% in lighting costs. As a bonus, householders can open and close hard-to-reach blinds and curtains with a voice command or a button.

All-in-one security systems

It is difficult for households to choose the best smart devices from all available options. Fortunately, many security service providers offer comprehensive systems that combine smart appliances, monitoring and home insurance savings. Before purchasing such a system, consumers can check with their home insurers to find out which devices or systems they offer discounts.

Get saving

Householders can definitely save energy and money through smart home devices. For more information about smart devices, visit this website or consider exploring local government schemes in your area.

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