StickSafe: Battling Virus Spread Effectively


An idea that came to Christopher Avina several years ago originally got a lukewarm reception, but now has the potential to help stop the spread of the invisible enemy coronavirus.

Just a half an hour drive out of Denver, Colorado, is where Mr. Avina created StickSafe a few years back. This high-tech sticker is made from a material that is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial which can be applied to any object or surface commonly we touch.


Lukewarm reception

At the time,  Mr. Avina was very excited about his discovery because he knew that it had the potential to be life-saving. He ventured out to seek funding but was surprised to find that potential investors gave his invention a lukewarm reception.

The usefulness of the product was obvious to them, but they could not see where it could be applied or how it could be marketed. Avina remembers that some also requested drastic changes to the product if they were to make a deal with him. Believing firmly in his invention, he decided that it would be better to walk away from any of the deals.



The rise of a pandemic

With the current rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S at 2.4 million and 124,000 deaths already recorded, the predictions are dire and it is believed that the number of deaths could reach 200,000. Even with severe restrictions, the virus surges onward, and it’s not viable to implement a complete lockdown forever.

As businesses, schools, and offices start reopening, there are hundreds of surfaces and objects that people touch daily. Buttons on their commute, buttons in elevators, door handles, computer keypads, etc. Invisible and long-lasting, the virus can be on any of these surfaces and is easily transferred to other surfaces, endangering the lives of those who keep the economy alive.

StickSafe can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, but even though it’s potential was not appreciated a few years back, it now offers hope as a completely safe preventative measure. As this coronavirus wreaks havoc across the globe, it is expected to keep dipping and peaking for at least 2 years, scientists warn that this could be the start of a new era where we will be seeing many similar viral and bacterial outbreaks, many still unknown to us.

Saving lives with StickSafe

Not only is the innovative material used for the sticker nontoxic and safe, but it is also very durable. StickSave can be applied to countless surfaces and objects and lasts for up to 60 days under normal working conditions. Every time someone touches its surface, the sticker immediately neutralizes germs and bacteria, a potential lifesaver to millions around the globe.

Applications for StickSafe are endless and can include placing them in all modes of transport, including planes and taxis, airports, stations, stadiums, malls, restaurants, office areas, schools, and homes. One touch instantly kills off anything life-threatening and prevents the virus from spreading to the next person.

Preventing a second wave

Ahead of the predicted second wave, now is a good time for preventative measures to be taken. With StickSafe, less effort needs to be made toward keeping all areas safe. Currently, people are walking around with sanitizers and bleach sales have skyrocketed, but all this takes up lots of effort and time, that could be used elsewhere.

The obvious advantages of using a product like StickSafe are many, but the most impressive is that no matter how the virus mutates, the sticker will kill it on contact, without waiting for the creation of a new vaccine to counteract the mutations each time.

Funding the road ahead

Getting ahead of the viral and bacterial dangers lurking ahead, the production of StickSafe needs to be rolled out immediately. This will ensure protection for everyone, especially the elderly and children.

To get production rolling out fast, StickSafe needs financial support to purchase the specialized machinery already reserved. Christopher Avina stresses the need for a high-quality product, made completely in the U.S.A. That way the company will not only create more jobs for Americans but can also have control over the quality of the material used and production process.

Finally, StickSafe offers the world a solution to tackle COVID-19. As we try to kick-start our lives again, the dream team at StickSafe is determined to meet the challenges to make StickSafe an all-American product that will save lives globally as they continue to design the future ahead of its time.