EnduraData Set to Transform Secure Data Transfer Between Edge Storage, Data Centers, and the Cloud

EnduraData Set to Transform Secure Data Transfer Between Edge Storage, Data Centers, and the Cloud

In an increasingly digitized world, data has become both a potent tool and asset. Because of this, data protection and data synchronization have become vital and invaluable procedures. In 2022, businesses need to be able to secure their data and transfer it effectively in order to make decisions, seal deals, and communicate. The protection of data ensures that a company is not subject to breaches in trust and privacy. Moreover, data synchronization allows for the efficient transferal of information across platforms.

For businesses, a primary concern, over and above the protection and efficiency of their data, is the cost effectiveness of investing in a service or platform that ensures both. EnduraData is a software company that is based in Minnesota. The company primarily focuses on the creation of  software solutions for the areas of data replication, ingestion, distribution, and protection. Now, the company has released the latest version of its data replication software suite.

The Importance of Data Protection and Replication

Data protection is the process of ensuring security of vital information, and protecting that information from breach, corruption, or attack. Many companies create and are dependent on large volumes of data. For them, data protection is all the more important. While data protection does focus primarily on preventing corruption, it also focuses on the swift and accurate restoration of data once a breach has occurred.

Data replication is a form of data protection that works differently than general backups. Data replication is the synchronized replication of data on platforms that exist outside of a business’s own platforms. By making use of data replication, businesses can continue to operate with their data even in the event of a compromise. This is because replication ensures that all information on the external platforms are in sync with the business’s website.


EnduraData has outlined a mission to, “deliver intelligence and data to users where and when needed the most, at the lowest cost possible, and serve our stakeholders, employees, and community.” The company states that they hone in on ‘unstructured’ data replication to ensure data protection. In turn, this allows for business efficiency, security, and automation. Companies use EnduraData EDpCloud to synchronize and replicate data between server farms at the edge, the cloud, and the data center.

The company further states that, “Our goal is to help heavily data dependent organizations in the health care, financial, and government sectors have access to a secure, fast, reliable, and cost-effective cross-platform data synchronization and backup solution to enhance data protection, reduce risks and leverage data for decision making.” This outlines EnduraData’s target industries, but also illustrates their capacity to provide secure and synchronized data.

EnduraData is also the company behind a leading file replication software suite, which has now released its version 6.0. Businesses can now download the new version. EnduraData’s replication software provides intuitive and flexible deployment for data distribution, aggregation, synchronization, and ingestion. The solution works for edge to edge, edge to the data center, data center to data center, and edge to cloud file synchronization. EnduraData software operates with a company’s existing hardware and storage. This is important in keeping the cost to the client down.

The company’s solution replicates data in real-time, on-demand, or within its scheduled mode. The new version of EnduraData software adds support for using OpenSSL certificates, improves authentication, and removes the need for key exchange. Additionally, it allows administrators to designate nodes that are permitted to manage replication and the nodes that are given access to be part of a replication configuration.

EnduraData is a company that prides itself not only on the software and services they provide, but their ability to communicate and aid their clients.

Final Thoughts

Data protection is a vital component of any operational business or organization. This is even more true for companies that are entirely digital, and that produce large volumes of data. Data replication is a form of data protection that has proven to be incredibly valuable and effective. It allows businesses to operate with their data even in times of breach, due to the synchronization of their data on external platforms. EnduraData is a company that is leading the way for data protection and synchronization. Their latest version of their file replication software suite can now be downloaded.