Cryptocurrency Variety Show “Jumping & Dumping – Age of Money” Commenced Filming for Drama


“Jumping & Dumping – Age of Money”, cryptocurrency-based variety show, released a still cut scene from its recent filming session of drama portion of the show.

The still cut has been drawing a lot of interest to the public, as the image portrays a vibrant and energetic session – which includes Youa Group affiliate K-PLAY Contents president Lee Gi-Joong, YOUA project leader Henry, and performers Lim Ho, Park Yeon Su, Kang Ye Bin, Kim Myung Su and Yang Seung Won.

Jumping & Dumping is a variety show that is first of its kind in the entertainment industry, as it touches on a hot subject matter of cryptocurrency with an interesting delivery format.  Part 1 of the show (“Age of Money”) has a combination of short historical drama and lecture show, while part 2 format includes a contest (“Pumping Game”) where participants can learn and experience real-life cryptocurrency trading.

“Age of Money” showcases the history of traditional legal currency and the hot trendy topic of cryptocurrency, including all the positive and negative experiences therein.  For purpose of entertainment, so that the viewers will have a seamless transition to learn about cryptocurrency, the show will be delivered in a short historical drama context.  Similar to the show’s entertaining content, the filming session was stated to be also very lively and exciting.

Actor Lim Ho, who is a master of delivering all kinds of entertainment content from heavy political drama to live shows, plays the character “Don Jon” – a wise emperor who takes interest in the new hot item “invisible money”, with the hope to provide for the betterment of his people.  Actor Kim Myung Su, who is very active as a performer in the historical drama genre, plays “Young Ee Jung” – the emperor’s most loyal and trusted advisor who slowly opens up from his conservative stance to learn and adapt to the new hot item, “invisible money”.

Actress Park Yeong Su plays a kind-hearted queen who takes interest in the “invisible money”, with the hope to benefit the nation’s economy.  Actress Kang Ye Bin plays an attractive and fiery character Myo Yeon – a pawnshop owner with the rare ability to create multitude of investment returns due to her highly classified knowledge about the “invisible money”.  Due to the interesting characters and dynamics between them, “Jumping & Dumping – Era of Money” is projected to provide a lot of excitement to the viewers.

Likewise, YOUA project leader Henry, during his visit to the filming session, admired the unique personalities and characters portrayed by the actors and actresses in the cryptocurrency variety show “Jumping & Dumping”.

He said, “‘we hope that our program will serve as a stronghold for various future platforms that combines existing economic models and blockchain technology, such as NFT and Metaverse.  We ask for your love and support so that cryptocurrency and its market can continually prosper.”  The full version of the interview is set to be released on YouTube.

To prevent the further spreading of COVID-19, the filming session followed all safety protocols.  “Jumping & Dumping – Age of Money” is set to launch a new Korean wave that will be felt on a global scale.  The audience can start viewing the program on OTT platforms, starting in May.