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AI is now the ultimate marketing automation Guru

The future looks bright with artificial intelligence - report by SnatchBot

With the effective use of AI there could be an extraordinary economic boost of $14 trillion in additional gross value added within the next 15 years and this is according to a reputable research organization who had been looking extensively into these matters.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding artificial intelligence over the past decades and many claims has been made regarding it, such as that AI could be expected to accelerate many things as we know them now. The reality is that these changes is already happening all around us and it is taking place right now. Artificial intelligence has been playing a major role in the efforts which is made by marketing organizations and in fact the whole issue of marketing automation is now operating on levels never imagined before. As we know everything in our modern environment is about instant gratification and consumers is becoming more demanding every day and they do not only want personalized services they also wanted them yesterday. And this is why the whole concept of AI-based technologies is critically needed in many different industries.

There is a tremendous amount of collected data which clearly show that AI-based technologies is a marketing automation booster with just about infinite possibilities. Individuals, small, medium and large businesses can benefit tremendously by harnessing the tremendous power of AI driven marketing automation.

Using artificial intelligence correctly


The experts are maintaining that there are many ways in which AI can help you to elevate your marketing automation substantially. One of the options available is that of email marketing and it is possible to see improvements of 5% and more on your success rates. One of the problems often encountered in a large organization is the fact that emails often get lost during the course of a very busy day. With large amounts of incoming email it can happen that inboxes can literally overflow with dozens of promotions, work correspondence and reminders for meetings which has been scheduled. The challenge for marketing organizations is to get the customer to open a marketing related email and it now seems that it is possible to use more effective tools to successfully accomplish that seemingly insurmountable challenge.

There are now many AI-based technologies which can be used to great effect to attract the attention of prospective customers in a range of new and exciting ways. There are now many strategies in place which makes it possible for both small and medium businesses to significantly improve their understanding of customer behavior. When you know your target audience intimately it becomes possible for businesses to not only understand but also to anticipate customer behaviors and that knowledge can open up many possibilities and it might provide businesses with the information which will help them to understand which strategies email subscribers are most likely to respond to. Businesses may now be in a position where they can more effectively automate emails which will ensure that customers are now receiving specially personalized correspondence and also those kind of promotions which is best suited to their individual needs.

Research over many years have shown that when adding a personalized touch to marketing emails the results are typically more promising. In fact it has been revealed that such personalized emails has at least a 5% better chance to be opened which is significant and this can give businesses that much-needed edge in a competitive business environment.

Everything possible has to be done to engage the customer and therefore all AI generated emails should successfully engage the customer and not merely attract their attention. Special attention has to be given to email subject lines and it is always best to have one specially customized for each new customer.

Carefully nurturing all those leads


Businesses know that every acquired lead could be converted to a possible sale. This is why they are incredibly important however when it comes to the important job of not only gathering leads but also analyzing huge amounts of customer information then our best resource is still artificial intelligence which not only quicker but also more efficient when it comes to dealing with huge amounts of data. A properly designed AI system is incredibly fast, allowing it to process huge amounts of data and such a system will always be ready to respond to the needs of the customer.

This is exactly why it makes sense to automate the data collection process because when doing so the all-important lead nurturing process is simplified providing the business with incredible benefits and your AI system will be able to contribute substantially in the formulation of future marketing strategies.





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