YouTube Will Discontinue its Activity Sharing on Twitter


Video-sharing giant YouTube recently announced that it would discontinue the feature which allows users to automatically share their YouTube Activity on micro-blogging site Twitter and its own social network Google+ after January 31.

Currently, Twitter allows users to share their YouTube activity with the help of options such as going to YouTube Settings, connecting to the Connected apps and selecting “Share your public activity to Twitter”. Instead of this, the platform has been urging their users to share videos on social networks directly from YouTube with the help of the Share button.

On Saturday, the Star reported that users will have the option of “Share” button on social platforms just after a new video is successfully uploaded. 

But users will still be able to add links from their social media page to their YouTube channels as well as share videos from their pages.

The platform also went on to state that this new update will not affect items which have already been shared on Twitter before the removal date. Those videos which were posted before removing the feature will remain on Twitter.

The YouTube support page read thus- “Many years ago, we introduced the option to automatically post your public YouTube activity to your social media followers on both Twitter and Google+. Since then, we have found out that social sharing works better if the message is more customised and if it takes advantage of the social media features, such as @mentions. Overall, this removal of the feature will provide a better experience for both the users and their followers in contrast to automatically generated posts.