Yakir Peace Shares Why it’s Important to be Versatile in Business

For multi passionate entrepreneurs versatility is an important characteristic required to be a leader in the field and ensure a successfully-run business, this is especially needed when there is more than one business to run. 

One such businessman is Yakir Peace, who was born in Israel, and at 28 years old he has ensured his success by not having his eggs all in one basket; he owns various companies in different sectors, in Israel and around the world, these include an advertising agency, an information security company, a startup in the world of online tickets, and a real estate company; let’s take a closer look at what these businesses are all about as industries, and how versatility is a key value to have. 

Advertising Agency 

Advertising agencies have important roles to play in almost any business industry, the primary aim of advertising agencies is to improve the face of the business or company, to show the world what the particular business stands for, they are involved in managing and creating the advertisements for a company.  

Information Security Company 

Information security (also referred to as InfoSec), particularly in the wide world of information today, is based on the protection and mitigation of risks pertaining to online or physical information or data. InfoSec can cover social media, mobile computing, cryptography and confidential information for private, financial, or corporate use. InfoSec companies ensure that there is protection and confidentiality for their clients’ data and information.

Online Tickets 

The world of online tickets is increasing in growth as more and more people are buying online, and consumers are registering for events over their phones or computers. Running an online ticket business can be a lucrative endeavour when done with dedication and patience.

It will involve buying a set of online tickets for a particular event and then selling these tickets at a higher price through a website or online platform that markets it. Mostly tickets will be bought from brokers, and depending on the region there will be broker associations. A startup selling online tickets can be varied in terms of what type of tickets to sell, whether just for specific events or different events that will ultimately attract a wide range of customers. Marketing an online ticket company is an important step to get the business up and running, and it requires an active marketing approach and connection with potential clients. 

Real Estate Company

The real estate world reaches far and wide, and it is one of the most competitive industries in the market. Owning a real estate company will involve meticulous business planning and having a solid marketing plan to attract ideal clients. It will first require a real estate license, and from there building a trusted brand and online presence. Starting a real estate company can be just like starting any major company, it will need financing at first and knowing who to approach in terms of financial loans will also affect the success of the company and making sure to have a clear plan before approaching investors is crucial. 

The abovementioned industries, all very different in their niches, require consistent and committed effort to be successful and serve clients. Within each one of these industries versatility and flexibility is needed, anything can change at a moment’s notice and to be able to pivot and make decisions quickly will safeguard against stagnancy and failure, however, when running more than one business at a time a new level of versatility is needed, along with a mindset that reaches beyond the mediocre. Yakir Peace is one example of a versatile businessman who reaches beyond the mediocre and does not only settle for one industry, or one niche, but many, he is a multi passionate entrepreneur who thrives in the vast playground of diversity.