The robot field is full of surprises:XPeng Motors Launched the first intelligent humanoid robot

robot working with digital display

Recently, the chairman of XPeng Motors (XPEV) announced the new self-developed bipedal robot PX5 at the Automotive Technology Day. According to the introduction, this intelligent robot can walk and overcome obstacles, with self-developed high-performance joints, and can walk in indoor and outdoor strides, agile movement, disturbance, and resistance.

From quadrupeds to feet, the new generation of robots has evolved a pair of ultra-lightweight humanoid arms and dexterous hands, with a maximum load of 3kg and a maximum terminal linear speed of 1 m/s, which can provide different grasping coating poses for different shapes of objects, and has terminal tactile perception.

In the recorded video, the PX5 shows skills such as playing football, walking, and riding a balanced bike, as well as strong self-stabilization ability. XPeng Motors Said that in the future, XNGP, XGPT Lingxi big model, and other intelligent car homology technology will be applied in intelligent robots, and the intelligent robot will be deeply linked with AI cars, to the next station of the car company.

In 2023, the field of complex technology is particularly hot. With the continuous advancement of the application of AI technology, the trend is clear, especially in the area of humanoid robots. With the promotion of local policies and capital support, humanoid robots have attracted the attention of almost all investors in the complex technology field.

The robot field is full of surprises

Nvidia (NVDA) and Meta (META) have recently released their blockbuster robot training tools. Nvidia’s AI agent Eureka can teach robots complex motion control skills, such as turning pens, opening drawers and cabinets, throwing and catching balls, and operating scissors. Nvidia says the breakthrough will redefine machine learning.

Meta has launched a Habitat 3.0 simulator that teaches robots how to interact with the physical world, which Meta calls “a milestone in the development of socially intelligent robots.”

Amazon (AMZN) is working further with Agility Robotics, a humanoid robot startup it invested in last year: Digit is currently testing recycling Amazon’s signature yellow boxes, which it hands empty boxes to employees. In addition, many startups are competing for the crown of humanoid robots, including 1X, Figure, Sanctuary AI, and others.


At the same time, several policies to support the development of the humanoid robot industry have been implemented, boosting confidence in the development of the industry. In August, the ministry issued the notice, that the organization in 2023 future industry innovation task JieBang head work, facing the universe, humanoid robot, brain-computer interface, general artificial intelligence, cultivate a batch of master key core technology, breakthrough a batch of iconic technology products, accelerate the new technology, new product ground.

In the final analysis, humanoid robots are universal, and theoretically, they can accomplish almost all the tasks carried out by human beings, and they will have a larger market space in the future. Musk once called Tesla (TSLA) cars a robot on wheels, and Tesla is bound to use this natural advantage to seize the vast market for humanoid robots.

WiMi Hologram Cloud lays out the humanoid robot industry


The robot industry with large imagination space has ushered in a window period of upgrading and leaping development. Many technology companies are accelerating the layout of the humanoid robot track. Public information, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is actively in the field of humanoid robots, setting up core humanoid robot high-end talent and expert team, based on rich experience in hardware and software and technology advantage, to explore business opportunities in the field of humanoid robot, help the company to develop emerging field business growth pole.

WiMi Hologram Cloud has a lot of technology routes, and the company’s team has successfully developed a humanoid robot interactive control system based on a brain-computer interface (BCI) controlled by head-mounted displays (HMD). This interaction approach controls the robot through a steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP), allowing it to interact with the environment and humans. In this scheme, the robot’s built-in camera provides real-time feedback and integrates the stimulus feedback into the HMD display, providing a more natural and intuitive way of robot control.

Humanoid robot-related products have huge development space, and WiMi Hologram Cloud is actively in long-term planning and layout. In this regard, WiMi Hologram Cloud will use AI technology such as the GPT large model to become a driving factor and try to use the multimodal large language model as a bridge of communication between humans and robots. These are the basis of WiMi Hologram Cloud for further entry into the robotics field and in-depth research on sophisticated intelligent robots.

Generally speaking, robots belong to a business that needs long-term layout and investment, especially humanoid robots, in the face of the explosive outlet, the enterprise can step up again. Now, WiMi Hologram Cloud is working in this direction. In the future, it will bring humanoid robot technology to every user and make it accessible, bringing a huge wave to the humanoid robot industry.


To sum up

At present, the humanoid robot track is on the eve of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contend, and the technical route, product hardware, and software have not been finalized. Goldman Sachs also predicts that the humanoid robot market could reach $154 billion by 2035. In short, with the major technology companies having increased their layout, under the outbreak of humanoid robots, it will usher in a huge industrial opportunity of “from 0 to 1”.