XD and other home entertainment activities worth knowing about right now

It has been one rollercoaster of a year and at some point, we were even kept in lockdown globally, in order to fight the pandemic that is still happening. With uncertainty with what might be happening in the future, it is best to prepare ourselves for another potential lockdown. Even if that is not the case, according to CDC many people handle the pandemic differently and it can increase anxiety and stress for some. 

If you are planning on staying home more than usual this summer, or you just need something to help you pass time, then here are 5 fun things to do in order to pass time at home.


If you use social media, then you should check out the Instagram page X.D. You will be constantly entertained with the content on this page, for they have funny memes, videos and photos that can relate to any topic, such as politics or education. A spokesperson for X.D stated, “Followers love our page because we do not represent any company. We publish what we think followers would like and we always keep in touch with a lot of our followers. We also know famous guys on Instagram and Snapchat, and generally speaking, we always try to make people famous if we like what they do.”

Start blogging

It is great to get creative at home and start blogging online. This could be for any reason, such as writing out your day to day activities and sharing it with the world, or you might have a topic that you’re passionate about and you’d want to turn that into a daily hobby. In order to get inspired, you can check out blogs through platforms such as WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.

Binge watch series

Sometimes we just want to escape from reality a little and watch a series that can make us feel all kinds of emotions. Whether you have a Netflix or Amazon prime account, you can find some of the most top quality series to sit there and watch for a long period of time. Don’t settle to watching the same old series that you’re familiar with; it is always best to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while because you might just find your new favourite series. Youtube also has documentaries and series that you can watch for free in high quality. In America, Youtube has a similar platform to Netflix where you can watch series online with an account.

Tik Tok

This social media app peaked in popularity throughout lockdown and there are many reasons why. The first reason is because you can make funny videos by lip-syncing or re-enacting a scene from your favourite film or show. The second reason why is because you can leave an important message through this app and have followers listen to you. The third reason why is because you get to connect with many people from around the world and you can be just as entertained by their videos, as they are from yours.

Start vlogging

Vlogging is a fun way to pass time and connect with people. It has become extremely popular within the most recent years and many vloggers on Twitch or Youtube have made some serious dollars from it. Vlogging doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to speak about your daily life, it can actually be about anything. Whether you’re a gamer, foodie lover or traveller, you can pretty much vlog from all creative angles and come up with great ideas. Many of the most famous Youtubers have started out from their very own homes with simple equipment and now they have high-quality productions for their videos.

Play an entire range of UFABET options from home

Betting and games of chance is as popular as ever. Not that everyone is always a winner, but at times people have been very lucky and make quick gains in no time. So have you heard of UFABET168, UFABET1688 and UFA168 /UFA1688? These games can be played right here:


Even if you’re not an expert baker, you can still use easy recipes and feel like you have achieved greatly. During the lockdown baking, banana bread became a sudden trend, however, there are other fun and delicious baking goods to make. Pinterest has great ideas for you to get inspired by and even some Instagram pages have home bakers who have unbelievably easy recipes to use.

Mariliana Fotopoulou

Marilianna has an MSc in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy from the University of Leeds, UK. She has a special interest in fast-moving industries and big data, but also writes about the digital entertainment industry in her spare time.
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