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Newstrail accepts content from specialist contributors. We only publish content from authors with the highest EAT rating: Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. As such, the editorial team may approve exceptional contributors who meet the following specific criteria:

  1. Verified experts in their field with a valid Linkedin profile and references,
  2. No disguised advertising or sponsored messages that is presented as news,
  3. Sharing actual news that is correct and factual,
  4. Industry leaders who do not represent advertising agencies.
  5. Content must be compliant with Google News content policies
  6. Content must be compliant with Newstrail editorial policies

Applying to become a specialist contributor with Newstrail: 

Step 1:

Contact us via  contact@newstrail.com 

Let us know your email address and valid Linkedin profile. Our Editors will evaluate your details and contact you throughout the process as they consider creating your news profile. A decision can take up to 3 days. If successful, a password and username will be sent.

Step 2: 

The first time you log in here create a short biography with your professional credentials AND link to your linkedin profile. Also upload a clear photo that matches your Linkedin profile. 


SUBMIT your news content here

Please ensure that your content meet the guidelines provided above.

  1. To submit news content, log in here.
  2. Submit a new POST: Please ensue that you select only one category for your post – and add one feature image.
  3. Once your post is ready, please click on “submit post”- and check back within a day to see if it was approved.
  4. We make use of WordPress, the largest CMS on the planet. This video shows how to use WordPress to create a new post.

The Newstrail CMS can be used to submit new press releases to our editors for inclusion. All content will be evaluated for compliance with Google News policies.

Editorial approval and time frames - going live immediately:

In cases where news contributors submitted more than 200 articles that consistently met our editorial guidelines, our senior management may upgrade your profile. in such cases, any content you publish will go live immediately. This is entirely at our discretion.

Google News ranking explained

Google News seeks to provide readers with the best possible information on their topic of choice through search, or based on their interests. Site metrics that apply to organic search has absolutely no impact on Google News results: It all depends on the quality and depth of each individual news article. According to Google, these factors are the most important:

  • Freshness of content (regularly updating your old articles) 
  • Diversity of content (covering many related points on a topic)
  • Rich textual content (substantial word count) 
  • Originality of content (being early or first to market on a newsworthy event) 

Making reference to authoritative sources such as academic journals and government agency websites with statistics and official statements is generally accepted by our editors – and loved by Google News.

Including screenshots of graphs and statistics from your own creation, with the heading “statistics and trends”, as well as pointing out newsworthy events that occurred recently are good ways to ensure rich, diverse and fresh content. Being early with news – attests to originality.

Google dislikes fake news – and so do Newstrail editors.