Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market Sales, Strategic Analysis, Growth Drivers, Industry Trends, Demand And Future Opportunities Till 2031

Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market

A wire cage pallet is a modern packaging solution for transportation or storage of different types of materials. These are used for the purpose of storage or transporting compact, bulk or friable products.

These wire cage pallet collars have a wooden base and on top of that there is a cage like structure inside which different materials are kept. Wire cage pallet collar are also required for stacking and handling purposes.

Wire cage pallet collars are available in various sizes according to the need of the buyer but these cage pallets also have hinges which holds the cages together and also allow every pallet collar to collapse in order to save space.

These wire cage pallet collars are mainly found in warehouses, manufacturing or retail facilities. Wire cage pallet collars are mainly used in logistic industry and are very popular in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and is gaining popularity across the world due to its space optimisation capability.

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What Accelerates the Growth of Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market?

The Wire cage pallet collar market is mainly driven due to ability to optimise space when used as a storage solution and saves space when transported from one point to another.

These wire cage pallet collar also provides quick and easy way of handling goods and assembling. Another factor that leads to the rise in demand of wire cage pallet collar market is that, pallet cages help in keeping the goods safe and secure pilferage or tampering when used as a storage solution or handling purposes.

Wire cage pallet collars are used as a substitute to the wooden boxes, which were used earlier and one main comparison between them is that, it is possible to collapse a wire cage pallet collar when not in use but that is not the case with wooden boxes.

These wire cage pallet collars also have forklift entry points placed at their bottom so that these wire cage pallet collars can be easily picked up, organized and stored without consuming more time.

Another factor due to which consumers prefer wire cage pallet collar over others is its durability, the wooden base is made up of high-quality plywood and the cage is made up of a special grade wire which has high tensile strength.

These are the main factors due to which wire cage pallet collar market is flourishing across the world and also due to its modern and innovative packaging solution.

Challenges that Might Restrain the Growth of Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market?

Despite having an edge over other packaging solutions due to its innovative and modern way, there are some factors which restrain the growth of wire cage pallet collar. One factor which is becoming an obstacle for wire cage pallet collar is that its expensive than wooden pallet. And not only that, wooden pallet is considered to be cheaper, renewable and recyclable option than that of wire cage pallets.

Another factor which retrains the growth of wire cage pallet is that, sometimes when pallets become defective to use it generates many problems like creating long inbound loading time and increases freight damage risk which leads to bottlenecks further in the supply chain and hence cost more money.

There is also another factor which is having a bad effect on the pallet cage market, that is, pallet collars should be bought from one manufacturer only because if there might be a minor difference in the collars due to usage of different technology at the time of manufacturing and that difference can cause significant safety issues. Another threat which is hampering the growth of cage pallets is the threat of substitutes.

Plastic pallets and recyclable pallets are considered to be the substitutes for cage pallets as they are a cheaper option and plastic body also has an unibody design and doesn’t absorb moisture.

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Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market: Key players

Some of the players in wire cage pallet collar market are

  • Daywalk
  • Loscam
  • Huameilong metal products
  • Kronus
  • Chep
  • Rehrig Pacific Company
  • Pallet Market Inc.

Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market: Regional Outlook

There is a high preference of cage pallets in North America and Europe as these regions require technologically advanced packaging solutions and due to high demand for safe transportation of food. In the Asia-Pacific region due to rapid industrialization in developing countries like India, China, South Korea and many others and explosive growth of e-commerce are the two main factors which will drive the market growth of cage pallet.

Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market: Impact of COVID-19

Wire cage pallet market collars is anticipated to have high growth during the pandemic as the e-commerce industry has also experienced an exponential growth during the pandemic.

During the pandemic people’s interest in e-commerce platforms have increased, especially in the developing countries where the e-commerce is less common. This growth of e-commerce industry has put the supply chains into more pressure to improve the shipping and logistics. Online orders are usually smaller and occur in regular, which requires more assets for inventory management. Hence, there is a need for pallets for e-commerce-based logistics, which will drive the growth of cage pallet market. Furthermore, sustainable packaging is also expected to increase the growth of cage pallet market size.

However, due to covid there is also a disruption in the supply chain, due to unavailability of the product in the market, restrictions and regulations imposed, due to which there is a delay in the operations. Also, the strict regulations and framework by the government have led to limit the production practices with a limited number of workers working in the factory which has severely impacted the growth of cage pallet market.

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Wire Cage Pallet Collar Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Materials:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

On the basis of Sizes:

  • Small and medium size
  • Large size

On the basis of Applications:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery and Metal industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Others

On the basis of Product Types:

  • Wire mesh bins
  • Fully collapsible pallets
  • Half drop pallets
  • Box pallets
  • Cage pallets

On the basis of Storage Purposes:

  • Heavy Duty Collapsible Pallet Cages
  • Transport Pallet Cages
  • Multi-Purpose Pallet Cages
  • Easy Store Pallet Cages
  • Pallet Retainers

On the basis of Regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

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