WiMi’s Data Security Awareness System Protects Network Information Security

While enterprises enjoy the development dividend brought by technological progress from big data, artificial intelligence, and other information technology, they also risk leaking essential data and personal information. The traditional technology, business, and enterprise architecture have the characteristics of fixed data flow boundary, a small number of digital assets, and low business complexity, and the data governance work such as data classification and grading, access rights management, and security audit can be completed by relying on the traffic collection on the gateway side and manual combing. However, with the digital transformation of enterprises, enterprises’ business data and production factors gradually become a massive number of digital assets because only mobile data has vitality and business value. The data boundary is also changing dynamically.

However, the high speed of data circulation has blurred the boundaries between information systems and network areas. In addition to the data generated in their own business, enterprises commonly collect or exchange data with external third parties to enrich their data resources. The flow and processing of data among different organizations and applications have become an inevitable trend. However, data flow is commonly associated with data security risks such as unauthorized service calls, excessive export of sensitive data, illegal use and illegal secondary proliferation of sensitive data, and use of user data without user authorization.

To improve data security and boost personal information protection, WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIMI) is developing its own Data Security Awareness System based on technologies such as holographic signature feature detection, historical data behavior baseline, multidimensional modeling, statistical analysis, holographic parallel cut, artificial intelligence, etc., to conduct complete data and scenario-based analysis of massive data, through data observation, data supervision, data privacy protection, and data due diligence audit to generate a holographic dynamic map of data.

WiMi’s Data Security Risk Awareness System is like a parallel space in a multidimensional space, intertwined with business mass data logic but independent of each other. It can defend throughout life and effectively control the entire system while not being bound by the business development cycle. WiMi’s Data Security Awareness System can integrate security capabilities with the infrastructure and applications while decoupling complex business logic in complex security risk scenarios. By combining users, devices, and applications, the system conducts multidimensional correlation analysis to the core network area, critical business applications of data assets, the transmission process, and behavior in the network for the whole process of monitoring and auditing. The system surpasses traditional security infrastructure in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and versatility. It can directly detect and block various complex attacks within the application, building a new holographic “boundary” for data security flow. It ensures that every data is under its supervision, thus shifting the focus from data inflow and outflow channel security to the whole life cycle of data security.

WiMi has also gained a number of practical invention patents, such as a Body Hologram Compression Storage System for digital data, a Body Hologram Image Storage System, and a Miniaturized Body Hologram Storage and Identification system. These patents apply digital holographic technology and consist of the system control module, the image receiving module, the image caching module, the compression module, and the transmission module. The said hologram includes two input methods: LVDS interface in the form of an image and BNC interface in analog video. After the original image is de-serialized at the back end of the LVDS interface, it enters the hologram caching module. Then it passes to the compression module for compression coding operation. It can be used to realize the “holographic flow image” of the data and quickly realize the entire spatial and temporal retracing of the data and multidimensional perception.

With years of deep plowing in technology, WiMi will continue to use holographic technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and other technologies to innovate Internet data continuously. It will empower industrial development through information technology to provide value and help for the digital transformation of enterprises and to escort the stable operation of the Internet information infrastructure.