WiMi Joined the “Fast Lane” and Opens a New Chapter as 2024 Metaverse Starting a New Round of Boom


Now, Apple’s (AAPL) XR device, Vision Pro, is officially on sale, bringing the “metaverse” back into the limelight. The whimsical ideas of the author of Snow Crash are being realized in the real world through the tireless efforts of a group of talented technological wizards. ……

Meta VR Headset “Project Ventura”

On the other hand, going into 2024, Meta (META) has announced a permanent price reduction since the Quest 2 and accessories to $250 for the 128GB version of the Quest 2.

According to Meta’s hardware product roadmap, a budget VR headset codenamed Ventura is still to be released in 2024, which is positioned to “deliver the biggest bang for the buck at the most attractive price in the VR consumer market”.

The source said Meta is preparing to launch a cheaper mixed-reality headset that looks a lot like the Quest 3 but uses cheaper components. This suggests that Meta has no intention of compromising on mixed reality features and is very focused on making MR as accessible to the masses as VR.

Meta and Apple, the twin peaks of the competition; Meta Universe reemerges as a vibrant, thriving company. Metaverse is widely regarded as the next-generation interaction platform, representing the digital life of human beings, allowing people to socialize, entertain, produce, and consume without limitation of physical or digital scenes, and XR devices are the key to connecting people with the metaverse.

The Metaverse is alive again.

The Metaverse is a grand concept that covers a great deal of cutting-edge technology from a technological standpoint, whether it’s XR or AIGC, these new technological trends are constantly refreshing the imagination of the world of the Metaverse.

From the perspective of perception, the metaverse is regarded as the extension and materialization of neuronal perception; from the perspective of economy, the metaverse can be regarded as a new type of digital economic form spanning both physical and virtual; from the perspective of cognition, the metaverse is a kind of machine perspective on the understanding of the real world ……

At present, the utilization rate of meta-universe technology is certainly unabated in the intelligent era, whether it is all kinds of consumption in a personal scene or visual display of all kinds of education, medical treatment, culture and tourism products in the public scene.

In the future production of digital content, especially combined with the content production of AIGC, meta-universe has a large enough or even the largest content creation group, as well as a huge digital content consumption group, which is bound to play a greater role in various fields.

WiMi breeds the potential for the meta-universe industry

Meta-universe seems to have been recognized by capital as the next windfall in the global technology sector. In this context, public information shows that WiMi (NASDAQ: WIMI), the first holographic AR stock in the meta-universe, is full of vigour, through independent research and development of cutting-edge technologies, including holographic projection, VR/AR, XR, spatial computation, etc. In a way, WiMi is mainly based on AR technology, which is “polished” in all aspects. To some extent, WiMi is mainly based on AR technology, all-round “polishing”, the meta-universe major application scenarios frequently, and vigorously accelerate the layout of the meta-universe commercial pace.

While the technology is developing steadily, WiMi is also exploring the industrial business field, and it already has the foundation for the development of the whole chain of meta-universe, and has a diversified platform ecology. In addition, through unique operation strategy and product characteristics, WiMi stands out in the competitive market by owning 5,000 pieces of IP, which further allows the commercialization value of metaverse IP to be fully transformed.

It should be noted that with the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology and the expansion of application scenarios, AI will become the dominant force in the meta-universe market. To further expand its market influence and bring new user growth points for itself, WiMi will continue to maintain the development trend of tiger and dragon, and in the future, it is expected to further deepen the integration of meta-universe and AI in the key areas of industry, finance, transportation, energy, education and other key areas, and create more application benchmarks.


In the final analysis, the essence of the meta-universe is a fusion of application innovation, the combination of real and virtual is only a means, applied to various fields of social production and life, to promote the real with the virtual, to strengthen the real with the virtual is the purpose. Industry insiders believe that the development of meta-universe is in a rebirth stage after hibernation, and all the enterprises in the industry chain have gone through the “trial period”, and are now combining with various industries to carry out more in-depth application exploration.

As we can see, WiMi has maintained a trend of continuous innovation in business expansion. Under the booming market environment in 2024, WiMi is expected to continue to make multi-dimensional breakthroughs, expand business boundaries, and eat the “meta-universe” dividends. With the continuous development of business and in-depth layout in the field of meta-universe, WiMi’s development will also usher in new opportunities.