WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Is Optimistic About The A+ Industry In The Revolution Of ChatGPT

WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Is Optimistic About The A+ Industry In The Revolution Of ChatGPT

The birth of ChatGPT is a milestone in the development of the AI industry, making general artificial intelligence further from fully commercial. Because ChatGPT’s ability is so outstanding, it quickly attracts a large number of users, and the disclosure of GPT-4 marks that ChatGPT can analyze-use-output information around the world, not just text.


ChatGPT Stir up the market

The new release of ChatGPT-plugins, even more, means that ChatGPT can serve as an underlying framework to dominate existing productivity tools. ChatGPT More than half a year since its release, the AI boom is still unabated. But more importantly, this has attracted the attention of the founder of Tesla (TSLA) and the world’s richest man, Musk.

Musk has founded a company called X.AI, launching artificial intelligence and calling it “TruthGPT” (Truth GPT), aiming to challenge OpenAI’s popular chatbot CHATGPT. Of course, Musk has funds to develop ChatGPT products, as the world’s richest man, Musk also bought 10,000 GPU chips.

Musk bought GPU chips, mainly because the performance of the GPU determines the industry ceiling, compared to the general CPU (central processing unit). GPU is subdivided into “AI chips” in the AI industry, that is, chips with special accelerated designs for AI algorithms.

Elon Musk

On the other hand, when artificial intelligence just entered the fast lane and attracted widespread attention in the industry, naturally not Meta(META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Another Player- -Mark Zuckerberg

In a recent first-quarter earnings call, Zuckerberg said publicly that over the years, we will focus on developing both the meta-universe and artificial intelligence. He said that the two technologies are interrelated and that the meta-universe technology will also help to achieve artificial intelligence.

Zuckerberg also points to examples of AI agents, which will leverage the company’s “deep investment” in virtualization images over the past few years.

The huge improvement in technology will push the waves forward like the waves. Bill Gates recently published an article titled The Age of AI has Begun (The AI Era has Begun), in which Gates said: ” The development of AI is as important as the invention of microprocessors, personal computers, the Internet and mobile phones.

Mark Zuckerberg

It will change the way people work, study, travel, access health care, and communicate with each other. The whole industry will reposition itself around it.”Now that the utilization rate of AI has been greatly improved, how to avoid the risks and problems caused by AI-generated content has become a new difficulty.

Industry insiders said: ” In the future, AI tools could become a super capability for players, and behind large social VR worlds like Meta’s Horizon Worlds and AltSpace VR, rapidly developing AI assistants can dynamically generate virtual Spaces for metacumological environments.

It seems like an easy victory in terms of efficiency, but it does mean that the AI will change not only the content creation but also the gameplay experience itself. It seems that more people are beginning to realize that AI creative tools may bring more possibilities for content creation.

WIMI expands a new paradigm in the era of AI

Indeed, ChatGPT, which came out in less than half a year, has sparked a global battle for AI. It is understood that the WIMI

Hologram Coud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as the leader of the AI track, has been deeply engaged in the artificial intelligence industry for many years. At present, many products and solutions are widely used in digital marketing and other fields and maintain steady growth. At the same time, the popularity of ChatGPT since this year has given WIMI a new investment boom in the secondary market. It is committed to expanding new application fields involving artificial intelligence, such as autonomous driving and smart city, and is expected to expand its advantages by relying on the existing market in the future.

With the boom of ChatGPT and AI big models, many people are aware of its technical capabilities and its potential to surpass humans. It is worth noting that the researchers at WIMI R & D Center developed methods to create realistic 3D holographic digital content using deep neural network AI models based on N-dimensional manifold algorithm holographic technology.

According to the data, the model uses deep neural network AI technology to intelligently identify objects, depth of field, phase, and other N-dim, personal information in digital images, which enables ordinary computers or mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablet computers, to process and generate holographic digital content with one click.

An unprecedented technology shift is driven by artificial intelligence. Considering the rapid development of the AI industry, data show that the size of China’s core AI market is expected to reach 400 billion yuan by 2025. WIMI has established industry barriers through long-term layout and huge investment in research and development. In the future, WIMI will continue to pay attention to basic research and basic innovation. From the perspective of the innovation ability of the whole enterprise, the computing power of its research and development technology may play a key role in supporting and guaranteeing the development of AI.

To Sum Up

Now, when ChatGPT, general AI has emerged, the further upgrading of productivity tools has become a rigid need and has become a focus of capital attention. Opportunities are changing, and AI will eventually enlarge the space for imagination and reduce the cost of creativity. In the future, the further acceleration of the integration of AI and cutting-edge underlying technologies may be a shortcut to building a high-quality open world. In short, the future is on the way to come, perhaps when the storm of The Times approaches, we can actively or passively meet the storm.