WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Combines The Algorithm Tech With AIGC For the AI 2.0 Era

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While OpenAI has repeatedly said that the GPT-4 still has its limitations and some significant drawbacks, the ability of the GPT-4, the strongest AI model on Earth, is a little overwhelming.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Combines The Algorithm Tech With AIGC For the AI 2.0 Era

In the most representative sentence in the circle, the track represented by AIGC and GPT is undoubtedly the hottest venture capital theme in 2023. What’s more, while the world is still digesting the disruptive significance of ChatGPT, a new wave of the AI 2.0 era has accelerated.

Facing AI 2.0, Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, has publicly said that artificial intelligence is entering the AI 2.0 era opened by generative AI (AIGC), and the new AI revolution has finally waited for this day for 40 years. Kai-fu Lee also announced the launch of an AI 2.0 company dedicated to creating a brand new platform and productivity applications.

AI 2.0 overcomes the limitations of single-domain and multi-model AI 1.0. Through a “basic large model” with cross-domain knowledge, it can analyze all the multimodal data information and perform various tasks. In the era of AI 2.0, a new wave of the commercial potential of artificial intelligence is expected to accelerate the lighting of various industries, thus improving the overall productivity of human society.

According to relevant analysts, for the new race of artificial intelligence, after the release of GPT-4, the first battle of the big language model is over, and at the same time opened the era of AI 2.0. In the era of 2.0 ARTIFICIAL intelligence, application demand drives the integration of AI technology and industry, and innovation demand drives the integration of digital technology and industrial ecology. And AIGC is also in this boom, gradually into the public eye.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Combines The Algorithm Tech With AIGC For the AI 2.0 Era

Generative AI enters the application outbreak period

Generative AI (or AIGC) is a technology that creates new content from existing text, audio files, or images. Although its essence is still a deep learning model, with the recent explosion of some popular applications, and the breakthrough of generative AI in image generation and natural language processing, people have realized that AI has begun to have the ability to define and present new things.

AIGC seems to explode overnight, but it is the result of years of technical precipitation. With the emergence of deep learning generation algorithms such as generative adversarial network (GAN) and diffusion model (Diffusion Model), the high-quality output content of AI has gradually become possible. Now, there is nothing more important than joining the AIGC track.

At present, OpenAI, Google (GOOG), and Baidu (BIDU) as the representative of the big factories have begun related layouts. The OpenAI, which set off the AIGC wave with ChatGPT, is one of the leading enterprises in the language model. The team from Google and the Technical University of Berlin has launched the PaLM-E visual language model, which can not only understand images, but also understand, generate language, and combine the two to process complex robot instructions. Baidu and other large models, strictly speaking, belong to the subset of AIGC.

WIMI to seize the long-term opportunities of AI 2.0

In addition, in accelerating the development of basic research and development industries such as large models, global technology giants including Meta (META) and WIMI Hologram Cloud (WIMI) have said that they have carried out in-depth research in the AI field, and achieved a lot of results. It is understood that WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is currently actively laying out the AI 2.0 era represented by generative AI, and at the same time optimistic about the application of AIGC digitalization, committed to improving the application of productivity in the AI 2.0 era and help the high-quality development of intelligent industrialization.

In the AIGC track, more progress is made ahead, and more new incremental space will be explored. WIMI, sensing the opportunity, has entered the wave of the new century for the first time. Data show that WIMI has combined technology with the industry, from text generation, picture generation, audio and video, and even 3D generation, so AIGC technology is in different application directions. In addition, with the continuous upgrading of computing power and algorithms, WIMI’s semiconductor business demand is also stimulated. In particular, the company’s smart industries, such as CPU algorithms, are expected to rapidly drive demand growth, making it a premature growth singularity in the semiconductor business.

Science and technology leader is the leading role in the market, in the frontier field to do technology attempts, leading the industry to promote the landing. For a technology company, sustained R&D investment is essential to maintaining the company’s core competitiveness. In the face of the new world of AI 2.0, technology is king, and the advent of the new wave brings new opportunities and new challenges for WIMI. In the view of WIMI, the development of AI 2.0 will change many industries in the future. At present, it should actively embrace AIGC, take advantage of the trend, and give full play to its core advantages in the future, and strive to run forward.

To Sum Up

The era of the artificial intelligence wheel is rolling forward, AI 2.0 this hot wind, is not a “castle in the air” type idea. It will develop more diversified interactive scenarios and content consumption methods, in the application, can also achieve many new forms of service, and find a new entry to occupy. Of course, for the future business model of AIGC, the current role in various industries is still to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and it can replace most of the manual work. In short, keep in mind that this disruptive innovation is coming, for AIGC entrepreneurs, everything is changing, and the future is certain.