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In 2022, with the fierce support of the concepts of “Metaverse” and “Web3.0”, VR / AR devices will not only get attention in the commercial scene, but also receive wide attention in the consumer market. New products, including the Oculus Quest series and SONY PlayStation VR2, are expected in the second half of the year and will spur shipments of XR headsets, which are expected to reach 30 million units for the year.

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In the ascendant, AR / VR equipment shipments soared

The latest research report by Strategy Analytics predicts that the market stock of VR / AR hardware will double from 50 million today by 2024 to 100 million —— AR products to become the next generation of consumer smart computing platform. Not only that, but also for Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), Apple(AAPL), WIMI Hologram Cloud(WIMI) and other international giants, they are accelerating the push of AR / VR into the mass life.

Apple(AAPL) is about to complete developing its first AR / VR headset, which will be released in January 2023. Some job openings show that Apple is stepping up its development efforts to support the device with its content. Apple is exploring building a video service for AR / VR headsets, which support headers for playing 3D content in virtual reality environments.

Not only entrepreneurs are optimistic, the government is also frequently sending spring breeze. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education and other five departments jointly issued the Action Plan, which puts forward specific requirements for the development of AR / VR in the next five years, and may become the bottom-up industry development guidelines. By 2026, the virtual reality industry will exceed 350 billion yuan, and the terminal sales volume will exceed 25 million units. The introduction of the Action Plan will significantly promote the development of the virtual economy industry and promote its digital upgrading.

Wang Jiangping, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the 2022 World Virtual Reality Industry Conference held recently that, virtual reality, as a master of the new generation of information technology, has gradually highlighted the enabling ability of all walks of life, and the industrial development is entering a new round of outbreak period. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the deep integration of virtual reality and the real economy, deepen the integration of industry application, create pioneer application cases that can be replicated and promoted, and promote the large-scale development of virtual reality industry application.

ARkit 開發實戰:蘋果提供「核彈級」工具,讓AR 開發簡單好上手! | by Oursky | Oursky Team

WIMI virtual industry scale speed up

Analysts point out that in immersive computing, AR has the ability to stack digital information with the real physical world, so the device led by AR is also the industry that is expected to become the next generation of interactive devices after smartphones. Therefore, as the next generation of personal computing platform, AR devices with better immersive capabilities in mobile scenarios also obviously have more potential than VR. Compared with the hot VR tuyere at the early entrance of Metaverse, the holographic AR first share–WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) of the next generation computer platform undoubtedly has greater space growth.

Over time, as an enterprise with many years of deep cultivation in the industry field, WIMI has shown profound technology and full vitality, with the ambition to break through the old industry map and build a new continent innovatively. Earlier, WIMI has released a number of AR devices, and the rapid hardware development has developed innovative application scenarios in a limited hardware environment. In addition, WIMI multi-scene application fusion to promote AR technology. Select industries with high scale and maturity potential, including AR industrial empowerment, AR immersive tourism experience, AR education, AR online broadcast, AR advertising circle and other layout, so as to create more commercial value.

With hardware upgrading and technology accumulation in AR, and scene development in software content application, WIMI innovation capabilities are continuous, entering a strategic window period with technology upgrading and fusion application as the main line. In the global pandemic of Metaverse concept, WIMI began to explore AR-enabling Metaverse after gradually accumulating and maturing AR technology. In the Metaverse subdivision track, digital people are used as a brand symbol to close the distance with young people. At the same time, with the digital people 4,600 pieces of IP matrix, we have established the cutting-edge trend model of the enterprise advertising brand, and lay the foundation of brand marketing. In general, WIMI has deeply laid out the AR industry ecological chain and built a virtual industrial ecosystem based on technological innovation.


From the perspective of industrial development, it can be confirmed that the relevant enterprises actively layout, from technology to products, with the efforts of many manufacturers, the AR industry is facing a good opportunity to lead the world, and is expected to become the core force driving the development of the world’s virtual industry. With the approaching era of “Metaverse”, there are more questions in the AR industry worth paying attention to and getting the answer. We will continue to share more industry information and pursue the answers together in the future.