WiMi Hologram Cloud Seizes The Opportunity of Industrial AI Robot

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In 2023, less than a year, the attention of humanoid robots has reached a new height. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SSNGY) recently started developing a strategy to enter the robotics market, with the planning team from the Device Experience (DX) division leading the project.

According to Goldman Sachs, humanoid robots will sell a 2025 CAGR of 94% in 2035 and a market size of $154 billion in 2035. Humanoid robots are expected to become another blue ocean of AI landing scenes after intelligent driving of electric vehicles, and all links of the industrial chain are expected to usher in high-speed development opportunities.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud Seizes The Opportunity of Industrial AI Robot

The humanoid robot industry booming

Samsung’s move is aimed at the AI-driven humanoid robot market, which Tesla, Google, and Microsoft are all targeting. Back in 2021, Samsung Electronics announced that it would invest 240 trillion won ($185 billion) in three years in future new businesses, including robotics and artificial intelligence.

Another global technology giant Google (GOOG) DeepMind at the end of July released a new artificial intelligence (AI) model Robotics Transformer2 (RT-2), the continuation of the RT-1 multimodal, unlike the traditional visual language model (VLM), RT-2 training needs robot data, which allows it to be in reasoning and operation in a wider range of tasks and environment.

Google RT-2 will significantly accelerate the promotion of “AI + robot” or “embodied intelligence”, which plays a crucial role in the industrialization of humanoid robots, and will open up the link between natural language and the action of humanoid robots.

Artificial intelligence and robots always inevitably intersect. The former human-robot Optimus was born in Tesla AI, and then Nvidia founder and CEO Renxun Huang proposed that the next wave of AI is embodied AI, that is, add the AI with the body to perceive the physical world. The typical application is the humanoid robot. In addition, now, Samsung and Google have also made a big move.

Industrialization progress was accelerated

It has been 60 years since the concept of the humanoid robot to the new layout of the manufacturers in the last year, and the development stage has also changed from the “bud” to the present “a hundred flowers bloom”. Especially in recent years, the development of the humanoid robot industry continues to exceed market expectations, and standing at the current point, we can see that the whole humanoid robot industry has undergone new changes to promote the evolution of the industry and products to the next stage.

It can be said that the humanoid robot is the ideal carrier of AI, with broad potential application scenarios. At present, with the development of generative AI such as ChatGPT, content creation, translation, dialogue, and other work can be completed, showing strong understanding and learning ability. The general learning ability of robots is expected to continue to enhance, and the humanoid robot is expected to become an excellent application carrier of generative AI in human society.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud Seizes The Opportunity of Industrial AI Robot

Hua’an Securities Research report pointed out that AI helps humanoid robots, and humanoid robots have a broad potential market, which may reach 100 billion dollars in 2035. With the development of the global digital process, the robot industry is ushering in an important period of opportunities.

The popularity of humanoid robots has made people once again exclaim about the way technology has changed. In the future, with the continuous maturity of AI technology and the breakthrough in the research and development of humanoid robots, the “vision of robots entering the lives of ordinary people” will become more and more close to reality.

WiMi Hologram Cloud lays out the humanoid robots

The AI-powered robot avatar is intelligent and alive again. It is worth noting that, with the continuous upsurge of the AI boom, many AI companies have also entered the field of humanoid robots. Among them, domestic technology giant WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has also stepped up its efforts to pour into the prospect track, actively showing the development level, technical strength, and industrial ability of humanoid robots to the outside world.

At present, WiMi Hologram Cloud has accumulated full-stack technology in the AI field and has more than 100 authorized patents. Breakthroughs have been made in several core technologies, including rich human-computer interaction technology, difficult light field technology, holographic projection technology, complex 3D naked eye technology, and several humanoid robot core technologies.

According to the news, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s development team is developing a human-shaped robot interactive control system based on a head-mounted display (HMD), and brain-computer interface (BCI) control. This interaction approach controls the robot through a steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP), allowing it to interact with the environment and humans. In this scheme, the robot’s built-in camera provides real-time feedback, which integrates the stimulus feedback into the HMD display and can be widely used in many scenarios requiring precise control, such as medical, education, entertainment, and other fields.

Under more and more players influx, to make the humanoid machine to speed up the ground application, WiMi Hologram Cloud plan based on the original technology platform tries to do the universal robot, on the experience of the original scene, predict some commercial ground prospects in advance, such as the future humanoid robot focused on intelligent manufacturing, commercial services, enterprise market base scenario application fall to the ground.

The future of the track can be expected

Humanoid robots are not a new concept anymore. The significance of the research on humanoid robots lies in first, developing the robot form that is most suitable for human society to realize the ultimate machine for humans, but the scene needs breakthroughs; second, humanoid has very high requirements for hardware and software composite technology, and the robot company developed by humanoid can master the most comprehensive technology stack. A humanoid robot is regarded as one of the best physical forms to achieve physical intelligence. Based on the global players accelerating the layout of the humanoid robot track, the downstream application scenarios are expected to open, and the potential market space will be very broad in the future is very broad.