WiMi Hologram Cloud rapidly develops a new era of intelligent man-machine


Indeed, robots, humanoid robots, embodied intelligent humans……. The concept of being still in the academic circle has continued to rise in popularity recently, even more than the popularity of the big model. In addition, AI giants such as Nvidia founder John Huang and “Silicon Valley Iron Man” Musk have said that humanoid robots will be the next wave of artificial intelligence.

The trend of industrial development and technological innovation

In addition to the verbal “optimistic”, the industry end is also in the force. Tesla (TSLA) announced the latest development of the humanoid robot Optimus Prime, and Musk predicted that the demand for humanoid robots would far surpass Tesla cars in the future.

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics (SSNGY) recently began to develop the relevant strategy, aiming at the field of humanoid robot field. Domestic manufacturers Xiaomi and Alibaba (BABA) followed by also announced the entry of the humanoid robot track.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud rapidly develops a new era of intelligent man-machine

In addition to the demonstration effect of large Tesla and other technology enterprises, the vigorous promotion of technology is also expected to accelerate the industrialization process of humanoid robots. After several years of slow development of deep learning, —— this year, finally ushered in a new upward cycle after the “emergence” of ChatGPT. AI big model and generative AI have brought new revolutionary forces to all walks of life.

In this year’s AI boom, Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) rushed to join the AI model for robots. Among them, Google DeepMind launched a new robot model on July 28, Robotics Transformer 2——, called “RT-2”, becoming the world’s first vision-language-action (VLA) model to control a robot. It can enable the robot to better complete the visual recognition and grasping movements through language commands.

It is generally believed in the industry that with the support of the AI model, people are no longer satisfied that the robot is just a “big toy”, but also hope that it can master various skills through self-learning, interact with the surrounding environment more naturally and intelligently, complete various tasks, and become a truly conscious intelligent form. It was also after the advent of the large model that people saw the feasibility of implementing humanoid robots.

Investment and financing continue to heat up

The humanoid robot industry ushered in a new wind mouth, technology has significantly improved, new products emerge endlessly, and the attitude of capital investment has gradually improved. According to incomplete statistics, there were 63 financing events in the domestic robot industry this year, and 18 disclosed financing events of 100 million yuan, with a total financing amount of about 5 to 6 billion yuan, including service, industry, medical, special robots, and other fields.

Overseas humanoid robot start-ups have also revealed the financing news. The rising financing heat of the overall industry means that the market is optimistic about the prospects and potential of the industry. The capital side is willing to invest more funds to get a high return, while the robot industry is in the financing outlet, which will open up a huge space for commercial imagination.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud rapidly develops a new era of intelligent man-machine

WiMi Hologram Cloud opens a new era of intelligent man and machine

Data show that in the face of the promising humanoid robot market, the head AI technology enterprise WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) quickly layout, go deep into the industrial chain to develop humanoid robot products, release higher performance solutions, and gradually upgrade the humanoid robot gait planning technology. It is reported that the company has now established the WiMi Hologram Cloud research and development center, conducting continuous research in several cutting-edge technologies, including cognitive artificial intelligence, big data cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence hardware design, and humanoid robot research, to contribute to the development of the humanoid robot industry in its unique way.

In the era of large models, people have a broader imagination space for humanoid robots, and for future robot technology, technical ability is the premise, and realistic demand is an important thrust. WiMi Hologram Cloud From the GPT model to the investment and self-development of humanoid robots, constantly follow up the trend of The Times and promote the further development and innovation of humanoid robot technology. According to the data, WiMi Hologram Cloud has successfully developed a humanoid robot interactive control system based on the brain-computer interface control of a head-mounted display. This interactive approach controls the robot through steady-state visual evoked potentials, allowing it to interact with the environment and humans.

In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud has made great achievements in recent scientific research and has successively won several patents related to holographic brain-computer interfaces. From the existing layout to build a humanoid robot, WiMi Hologram Cloud acceleration, and cutting-edge technology depth fusion, made a lot of technical innovation, this advantage will be accompanied by increasingly perfect industry replacement, better combined with industry to develop robot industry, in the future or will truly realize the value of the robot, for the future robot form, function and application scenario brings far-reaching impact.

To sum up

As the advanced form of service robot, humanoid robots can simulate the form and behavior of human beings, interact with the surrounding environment, and assist or replace human beings in certain activities. At present, major technology companies have increased their layout, and all links of the industrial chain will be expected to usher in rapid development. But with the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of the application scenario, humanoid robot cost, energy consumption, and ethical and legal problems will be more and more prominent, but the market prospect is more and more clear, tesla, Google, WiMi Hologram Cloud head technology companies want to dig the future “blue ocean market”, also need to speed up the robot ecological communion symbiosis.