WiMi Hologram Cloud promotes the development of the robot industry


Recently, the Tesla (TSLA) website released the recruitment of a humanoid robot production director. The job category is under manufacturing, with more than 100 jobs already required, once again confirming Tesla’s synergy and determination to develop autonomous driving and robotics.

Industry insiders believe that Tesla’s humanoid robot is expected to be used in the automotive production sector for the first time, the most notable is that the robot will manage the entire production line and achieve full unmanned production.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI.US) promotes the development of the robot industry

The field of humanoid robots is full of surprises

It has to be said that in the past three quarters, the humanoid robot product end showed many bright spots, which refreshed everyone’s cognition again and again. In May 2023, John Huang, founder, and CEO of Nvidia (NVDA), said at the ITF World 2023 Semiconductor Conference that the next wave of AI will be “Embodied AI”, an intelligent system that can understand, reason, and interact with the physical world.

He also unveiled Nvidia VIMA, a multimodal embodied AI system capable of performing complex tasks guided by visual text prompts. The development of embodied intelligence will have a significant impact on industries such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and it will promote robotics technology in a more intelligent, flexible, and autonomous direction. At the same time, the development of embodied intelligence will also provide more interactive ways, making the communication between people and machines more natural and efficient.

In September, Tesla’s humanoid Optimus demonstrated its ability to classify items and keep balance on one foot. According to Tesla, Optimus’s neural network training is “fully end-to-end” —— can realize video signal input, and control signal output, without preset code, and the industry progress is more than expected.

Golden opportunity for humanoid robots

Institutions have also been optimistic about the golden track of humanoid robots. It is widely believed that Tesla’s humanoid robots are expected to be used in the field of automobile production for the first time, which is complementary to the modular car building concept previously released by Tesla. Introduce robot-assisted production from the model design, and it is expected that related industrial chain companies will benefit from this development.

At present, the humanoid robot industry chain mainly includes the software end (environment sensing module, intelligent AI chip module, operating system module) and the hardware end (motion control module). For now, powering robots is still the most difficult problem in engineering, and this link is seen as an opportunity for the local industrial chain. Citic Securities analysis believes that in this context, OpenAI, Google, Tencent, Weimei Holography, and other technology enterprises continue to increase their investment in the field of robots and promote the process of robot technology innovation and cost reduction and mass production.

AI algorithms to help the robot industry booming

It is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has listed the humanoid robot as a key development project. Under the boost factors of AI technology such as the GPT big model, WiMi Hologram Cloud tries to use the multi-modal large language model as a bridge between human beings and robots. Given the gradual improvement of the end-to-end deep learning framework and the continuous enhancement of the generalization ability of AI algorithm, WiMi Hologram Cloud robot recognition interaction and execution ability is expected to accelerate the qualitative change under the background of rapid quantitative change in data development, and the in-depth of practical research and development is expected to accelerate the application of humanoid robots, which makes WiMi Hologram Cloud gain higher attention.

Up to now, WiMi Hologram Cloud has accumulated rich patents and technology reserves in the research and development of humanoid robots. It is reported that the company’s robot research and development team has rich experience in operation control algorithms and human-computer interaction. WiMi Hologram Cloud The development based on large models can make humanoid robots better adapt to human life scenes. The AIGC supported by the large model enables the robot to control itself and finally forms a closed loop of perception, decision-making, and control.

r/WIMI - WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI.US) promotes the development of the robot industry

Previously, the GPT-4 took natural language-based human-computer interaction as the core, with multimodal data processing capabilities, enabling humanoid robot applications to have a huge impact. As an AI leader, WiMi Hologram Cloud has the innate advantage, the company’s GPT multimodal model research progress will help humanoid robots better interact with the environment and humans, the future can better understand and process human language, and have more powerful perception, decision-making, and execution ability, to promote the development and application of humanoid robot technology.

To sum up

The humanoid robot, a concept of “enclosure since sprouting” in the academic circle a few years ago, has continued to rise this year, even more than the previously popular collaborative robot. Some even say that 2023 is the “first year of humanoid robots”. With the help of the big model of explosion, people are no longer satisfied that the robot is just a “big toy”, but also hope that it can master various skills through self-learning, interact with the surrounding environment more naturally and intelligently, complete various tasks, and become a truly conscious intelligent form. In short, with the gradual digestion of relevant information by the market, humanoid robots are riding the waves, and the future can be expected.