WiMi Hologram Cloud digital people push open the Metaverse door(NASDAQ: WIMI)

The three-day Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022 (WAIC) came to a curtain close on September 3. It is understood that at the just-concluded World Artificial Intelligence Conference and the 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair held in Beijing, the Metaverse unit has become a hot spot and highlight, focusing on displaying the latest related achievements and the core technology “new track” focusing on Metaverse development.

Looking back at the WAIC opening ceremony, the 360-degree stage looks like an extended reality hood. Through the five carriers of “ring screen, ball screen, ground screen, gauze screen, interaction”, as well as light field technology, virtual native, digital twin, holographic speech, reality enhancement, virtual and real interaction, space computing and other current most advanced “Metaverse” technology, the venue integration shows a virtual and real integration, panoramic integration of “Metaverse”.

WAIC 2022 virtual people appeared at the conference scene

However, the focus is that, according to the industry participants, virtual people are real people’s “split bodies” in the Metaverse world, and can conduct social activities in the “Metaverse”. This WAIC conference, of course, is not without the figure of virtual people. This year, for the first time, the conference selected a group of distinctive virtual people in the opening ceremony hall, in their unique way as guests. In addition, the virtual digital people “Wake Brothers”, “Xiaoxin”, “Aijia” and so on in the exhibition hall, with language interaction and image recognition to express communication, or meticulously solve work problems…

Into the Metaverse - by Andrew Steinwold - Bankless

At present, ultra-realistic virtual digital people have been applied in games, film and television, services and other industries. For example, some film and television special effects are shot by digital body doubles, and bank tellers and hosts also have some digital people images. With the heating up of the Metaverse industry, the virtual digital person industry chain has gradually matured, and formed a complete ecological map of the virtual digital person industry chain composed of upstream production and rendering tools, midstream virtual people driven and operation, and downstream scene applications.

Looking into the future, the virtual human industry has a huge growth dividend, including three obvious development trends: first, with the application of AI technology in the virtual human industry chain, low cost, rapid generation of digital people will become a reality; second, in the next five years, virtual digital human driving equipment and virtual human commercialization will stay in the PGC stage, ordinary people will enter the virtual social space; third, the virtual human scene, clothing, props demand, the virtual fashion industry will develop rapidly.

WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI): One-step AI virtual Human Application service

It is understood that, as the “vanguard” of global scientific and technological innovation, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has focused on Metaverse, digital people, artificial intelligence and other related industries, and has become one of the enterprises with great potential for the development of global technology enterprises and talent growth. At the time when Metaverse is in the ascendant, WiMi carries out business layout, R & D investment and practice in virtual exhibition, virtual advertising, virtual space and VR / AR content in various fields such as virtual exhibition, industrial carrier, industrial talent, key technology and industrial ecology. Now, in the fields of advertising Metaverse, cultural Metaverse, education Metaverse and commercial Metaverse and other fields, try to create Metaverse demonstration application scenarios, deep layout of the “Metaverse” industry.

If the construction of “Metaverse” needs the cooperation of people, goods and field, then the new track of virtual digital person is undoubtedly the earliest application scenario of Metaverse landing. At the same time, as a company with digital human research, WiMi Hologram Cloud relies on the in-depth and accumulation of AI artificial intelligence technology, and makes continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the field of virtual human beings in recent years, presenting a better AI virtual digital human experience. In addition, the company studies the AI virtual human interaction platform, which has the characteristics of multi-mode perception, multi-dimensional expression, emotion penetration, and other virtual human interaction, which can empower AI virtual human in different business scenarios of customers, convenient to provide one-stop AI virtual human application services.

With the heating up of Metaverse and the improvement of production platform capacity, virtual human products penetrate into applications such as live broadcasting and cultural tourism, and the commercialization process is accelerating. Industry insiders said that motion capture and AI technology are expected to push the production cost and application threshold of virtual human lower, and WiMi has invested in research on virtual digital human production platform. Based on its own R & D and development capabilities and the R & D track matching the appropriate IP, 5,000 blockbuster IP has been stored, and the demand for value-added services such as scenes, costumes and props is expected to usher in explosive opportunities. WiMi cooperates with industrial partners to build an AI virtual human ecological platform. The virtual digital human market has a great potential in the future growth, which is expected to open the door of Metaverse.

Why can Metaverse Play a Huge Role in the Future?


The Metaverse economy is expected to have the highest share of GDP in the US and the Asia-Pacific region, contributing 2.3% of its GDP by 2031, according to its Metaverse analysis released this year. The Metaverse in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to have GDP to exceed $1 trillion, and the US Metaverse GDP is expected to reach $560 billion.

For the innovation and development of Metaverse, virtual digital people has become the key track for the development of Metaverse technology, and with the application of AI technology in the virtual human industry chain, low-cost and rapid generation of digital people will become a reality. As artificial intelligence continues to move forward, virtual digital human will become a very popular application direction in recent years, and is also considered by many people to be the most basic interactive unit in the Metaverse world.