WiMi Develops A 3D Visualization Holographic Interaction System

People’s demand for three-dimensional information is increasing daily in the rapidly developing information age. 3D visualization has shortened the gap between the natural world and the computer virtual world, broadened people’s vision so that people can understand the world more clearly, and provided good guidance for transforming the world.

WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIMI) has developed a 3D visualization holographic interactive system based on 3D visualization and holographic technology. The 3D visualization holographic interactive system is an integrated application system that integrates many advanced technologies and means, such as digital twin networks, multimedia integration technology, human-computer interaction, etc. This system will integrate various advanced technologies and standards to provide users with a comprehensive and realistic information display and interaction platform and to build communication between the natural environment and the virtual scene bridge.

WiMi uses 3D visualization technology to create the same type of visual interaction scenes as the accurate model in the virtual environment, aiming to achieve a more intuitive visualization of the actual location so that users can fully understand the scene from different levels and perspectives. And through the digital twin network, the expression of each information system in the real space corresponds to the digital model and the connection between each information system. It forms a complete and dynamically changeable 3D visualization interactive system to interact the data of each method with the site environment so that users can obtain comprehensive and accurate factual information from a real virtual space or model and can dynamically analyze and simulate these data and visualize the data in the digital 3D area, forming a complete real-time data-driven system.

It also provides users with many integrated views using multimedia integration technologies, such as data visualization, network information sharing, historical information query, data storage, etc.

In the digital era, with the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, human-computer intelligence interaction methods are also upgrading and developing.

From the initial face recognition to the voice assistant, from intelligent services to improve efficiency to multi-scene interaction applications to change human life, artificial intelligence interaction has been applied to smart cars, smart homes, industrial production, government services, finance, education, medical, and many other fields.

In the future, such interaction methods as WiMi’s 3D visualization holographic interaction system may gradually become the mainstream of human-computer intelligent interaction, promoting a more thoughtful and efficient interplay and interaction between the real world and digital virtual.