Will Artificial Intelligence Help Us Fight Fires?

Will Artificial Intelligence Help Us Fight Fires?

This is the era of artificial intelligence (AI), which is becoming inevitable in most human jobs, like aktualne bonusy bez depozytu in the gambling environment. Yes, AI is evolving in different forms and techniques, joining hands with various technologies in the fire and safety domains.

AI for firefighting rescue team

In a situation where a rescue team is under orders to safeguard people inside a building that is surrounded by smoke and fire, it would be difficult for every firefighter in the team to go further due to poor visibility. Hardly can they notice the presence of any objects, staircases, doors, or even if there are any obstacles in the path of rescue. When everyone’s life is in danger and the rescue team must make decisions quickly, that should not go wrong due to poor visibility. 

To get over this situation, here comes the usage of AI for firefighters. Firefighters are loaded with not only protective gear and a massive hose to fight the flames, but also with thermal imaging cameras that are placed on their helmets. Images from the camera are sent to a computer processor frame-by-frame and processed in such a way to increase the quality of the vision for the firefighters using a matrix operation. The main function of the processor is to detect the edges and every contour in the image frame using several powerful filters like the sober filter to process the image and produce an enhanced computer vision. Next, the processed output vision is published in the AR (Augmented Reality) glasses worn by the firefighter. With this, the firefighters can efficiently address the situation to ensure safety by identifying entire objects around them to achieve successful salvation.

In addition to the foregoing, the use of AI-based Internet of Things (IoT) sensors is manipulated to monitor the health of firefighters. By using these sensors, the oxygen level, body temperature, and ECG results of the firefighter can also be inferred due to suffocation, which may lead to even heart attacks. The data collected from the various sensors are processed by a machine learning model and can be used to segregate the whole affected area into safe zones, danger zones, and immediate zones where immediate action is required. This enables the support team to provide warning signals to the firefighters inside the chaos through voice communication.

AI for firefighting wildfires

AI has a significant role in fighting wildfires. There are two methods deployed in fighting wildfires.

  • An image-based method: a network is trained to detect a wildfire and even the possibility of a wildfire. The model learns the features of flames from the dataset and is installed on the drones to detect the wildfire under surveillance.
  • Sensor-based method: various sensors are placed in the forest and can be able to predict the possible occurrence of wildfires using machine learning models. The levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere can easily be measured and an accurate prediction of wildfire can be achieved.

Leveraging AI to fight fires has proved to be a significant growth area in the field of fire and safety domains. The combination of AI with a few other applications produces remarkable results in protecting the environment and people’s lives.