Whey Protein Isolate Market definitions, Key Findings, Growth Drivers

Whey Protein Isolate Market

Whey Protein Isolate Market: Overview

About 85% of the entire global demand for whey protein isolate powder is met, and certain markets are growing at reasonable rates. However, the remaining 15%, or the liquid whey protein isolate, has experienced tremendous increase on the global market between 2019 and 2017.
Whey protein isolate experienced double-digit growth within the same period. This trend towards growing demand for premium whey protein isolate is predicted to continue at the expense of less refined whey products. While North America continues to dominate the worldwide whey protein isolate market in terms of volume, the EU remains the main market for all whey protein isolate powders and refined ingredients.

Demand is stagnant in the majority of categories, but less so in pharmaceutical grade. On the other hand, demand for all types of whey protein isolate is rising throughout Latin America and East Asia, particularly.
The dramatic advancement of high nutrition food products is significantly influenced by the public’s growing understanding of health care. The government and organisations like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) have been encouraged to promote the production and consumption of whey protein component due to the rising number of health issues linked to obesity and malnutrition that are being seen globally.

During the projected period, this will drive the global whey protein isolate market. The rise of whey products during the predicted period has been boosted by the industry-wide trend toward high-protein and protein-rich foods. It is anticipated that the change in milk prices will negatively affect supply networks. This aspect has a negative impact on the market for whey protein isolate generally and has a more severe impact on small-scale producers of the protein who are not affiliated with a dairy cooperative.

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Major Players
Havero Hoogwegt
One Whey
Scitec Nutrition
Diamond Nutrition
Arla Foods Ingredients
Optimum Nutritio
Erie Europe
Hilmar Ingredients
RealFoodSource Ltd

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By Applications

Sports nutrition has exploded in popularity over the past ten years as its consumer base has expanded. The general interest in sports nutrition has also grown from its distinct vital users, such as performance athletes, to a wider range of fitness and good living clients. The demand for whey protein isolate has been greatly increased by the increased usage of nutritional supplements related to sports. Today, whey protein is widely used as the main source of protein in commercial sports nutrition products. The majority of the other food options made with whey protein around the world function as meal substitutes and pre-workout supplements. Whey protein isolate has become a staple in sports nutrition.

The demand for low-fat, high-protein weight-management products is expanding rapidly, as is consumer desire for protein in everyday foods. The aforementioned element has raised consumer interest in protein fortification. Manufacturers of dairy products frequently standardise proteins by adding protein components in a way that resembles the casein-to-whey ratio found in natural milk. Food fortification entails the addition of beneficial ingredients to a product to enhance its functional properties. Companies can improve food quality and address serious vitamin or mineral deficiency issues among consumers by fortifying their products. The whey protein isolate market will expand thanks to the rising demand for standardised and fortified foods and beverages.