When WordPress websites suffer, Godaddy cashes in on upsells

  • Godaddy charges $300 to remove malware which typically evades Blueohost and other competitors, profiting from the most common problems WordPress websites face
  • Support calls typically leads to an upsell if problems are to be resolved
  • Thousands of sites are migrating away to alternative providers

Today having an online presence is crucial to online sales and marketing. Many companies have focused all their marketing efforts on their businesses’ online presence. Having a fast and reliable website is vital to a businesses online success. Unfortunately bigger players like Godaddy are not helping small businesses: with slow and unreliable hosting that is constantly plagued by Malware and overloaded shared servers, is it time to reconsider what the market has to offer? 

Why is Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting Important?

The speed of a WordPress site has an impact on the SEO ranking (Google score) as well as the SEA (Adwords / Google Ads score) of a business. This means that the faster the website the higher the website will be available on Google and in turn the easier it is to find. Fast websites also have an impact on the traffic of the WordPress page. Readers or clients can get impatient really quickly and a business would like to keep users on their websites for as long as possible. The typical WordPress speed should be one second loading time on mobile web pages and two seconds on desktop web pages. Anything slower might lose the page visitors.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company?

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a web hosting provider that supports WordPress. One should consider what the website’s current traffic is and how much it will grow in the next few months. Consider the allocated budget. Another important aspect would be how secure the web hosting services are. It would also be a great idea to do a wordpress hosting comparison and read customer reviews. A very insightful review is that of Adriaan Brits and his team of analysts at Sitetrail who reviewed a list of hosting providers according to their WordPress and CMS hosting capabilities. Below are the most important features to consider. 

Speed and Performance

The web hosting provider should have good hardware to ensure speed and performance of the WordPress site. Consider the disk space, processing power and memory allocated to the WordPress site. Another important aspect is the speed at which information is transferred to the customers through the web site. Make sure that the website is fast with minimum loading times.


Look for a webhosting company that provides good uptimes, what is the meaning of having a WordPress site and it experiences frequent or long periods of downtime. Check to see what the percentage of the web hosting providers uptime is.


Support from the web hosting company will depend on each individual business. Support will be important if one does not know the way around WordPress installation, backups, migration and restorations. A web hosting company that offers good customer support is crucial as there are always possibilities of faults that will need to be sorted as soon as possible.


Cybersecurity is a huge issue today, almost bigger than legal in many companies. Godaddy sells low priced packages but then charges a fortune when security breaches and malware strikes – they are also more prone to these attacks than many other hosting providers. Make sure that the web hosting provider has security measures in place. There should be frequent backup and an offsite recovery. Protecting the company and its clients information is a big feature to consider when choosing the right web hosting company. Rather opt for a company that might be slightly more expensive but has security features in the package, be careful of cheap packages with hidden security costs.

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