What it Takes to 10x Your Net Worth From $0 – $100k

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When you hear the word wealth, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Mansions? Designer clothing? Luxury cars? Dining out at exclusive restaurants? Growing up, I probably would have had the same answers. After all, I grew up in a house that cost just $8,000. Yes. An eight followed by three zeroes. Also, my parents filed for bankruptcy twice. However, throughout my financial career, my definition of wealth isn’t about material items. It’s all about net wealth. Why? Because look can be deceiving. Here’s an example from a couple who were potential clients of mine. They made $500,000 a year….

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Art at a time of siege

Published by Al-Araby Across Palestine, Israel has increased its targeting of children, women and men, and as is often the case, Jenin Refugee Camp is

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