Ways to Enhance Productivity with Alexander Djerassi

Enhancing Office Productivity

No matter where the job is, we all know that there is some slacking going on. But how much is too much? There is definitely a fine line between casually slacking off because a small break is needed or a coworker is in-between their tasks and someone who just isn’t doing what they are supposed to do. Typically, the worst part is that the only one who can do anything about it is the manager and they’re too busy to care a lot of times.


No worries though because there is a way to make the workplace a more productive area to work in. No more flying paper balls or shouting while on the phone. Firstly, management plays a huge part when it comes to employee productivity. They are there to make sure that everything is done and the business continues on productively and efficiently. However, if a manager is not doing their duties then of course everything falls apart and people begin to slack off.


So the first thing that should be done is to try and get everyone motivated. Because no one wants to work somewhere that is bland and no fun. According to Alexander Djerassi, he feels that the employees need to be recognized and motivated. This is because employees tend to feel like they do a lot for the company but when they feel like they aren’t being noticed by their hard work, this really cuts into their productivity because they feel it now doesn’t matter how much or how little they do, they will not feel the urge to continue working hard if their efforts go unnoticed.


Alexander Djerassi definitely knows a thing or two about hard work and motivation. From 2009-2012, he was chief of staff and special assistant in the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. He overlooked, worked on issues, and improved U.S. relationships with countries like Iran and Israel. In addition, he is the founder of Mos.com, a website created to assist students who are applying for student loans before heading off to college. Djerassi has had many accomplishments throughout his career, and he wants the same drive and motivation to happen in any office setting. He believes that staying consistently productive will help any organization for the long term.


Laziness and lack of accountability, of course, isn’t acceptable for a business. Therefore, if it reaches that point then the manager needs to step in and help to bring it back up. Otherwise the whole office may end up slacking too much. That’s why there are managers, to make sure that the office runs smoothly and takes care of any problems that pop up. But their number one thing should always be to take care of the company’s employees. Then the employees will take care of the company.


Showing employees appreciation is the best, and surefire way to keep getting work done and done well. It’s found that when employees are asking for a raise, they’re unhappy with their job. So in the long run, it would be cheaper for, and in the best interests of the company to just take the time in the beginning and appreciate and notice their employees before it gets too late for them. Slacking is contagious in a work environment.

Managers should save time and money by doing what they should in the first place. Alexander Djerassi would have started it that way and kept a standard for the office and it’s employees. It costs more to continuously hire people than to do even a little thing like, “Hey, that report was excellent”. Or just telling them thanks for getting the report completed and in before the deadline that way it can be reviewed in time.