Waterloo Biofilter Set to Make a Splash in the Wastewater Industry


Birchview Capital is excited to announce the acquisition of Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc., a Canadian-owned and operated company that develops, manufactures, and maintains onsite wastewater treatment systems. In a time when the well-being of the environment and our natural resources are of utmost importance, biofiltration is an effective and innovative technology that aims to protect our soil and water resources. Waterloo Biofilter has taken this challenge on, providing biofiltration systems with permanent filter mediums.

With the rapid growth of the Canadian population, the need for biofilters is ever increasing, as a growing number of houses are built outside city sewer lines. Waterloo Biofilter is a leader in this growing market, and is only continuing to expand with their innovative products and technology.

Waterloo Biofilter

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. was founded in 1991 with the mission of protecting natural soil and water resources through advanced wastewater treatment solutions. Their technology has proven to be the most reliable system available, with a wide range of applications. The company focuses on advanced nutrient removal, emphasizing heavy phosphorus and nitrogen removal, to ensure clean water is being released back into the environment. Waterloo systems are very easy to install, being assembled prior to shipping, and available in different configurations to make the installation process simple in a variety of geographical locations.

Not only are their systems unmatched, but Waterloo Biofilter continues to be an industry leader in customer service. Waterloo prides itself on their high-touch customer service, allowing their customers quick and easy access to information and assistance. Waterloo Biofilter started in a university setting, and continues this legacy by being one of the top educators for those in the wastewater industry.

Why Waterloo?

What truly sets Waterloo Biofilter apart is the polyurethane medium used in their systems. Developed at the University of Waterloo in the Centre for Groundwater Research by Dr. Craig Jowett, it is the original foam trickling filter medium. It also comes with a 20-year warranty, often lasting the life of the system. “Waterloo Biofilter’s medium stands out because it does not need to be replaced”, explains Brady Straw, Head of Engineering. “Using a passive permanent medium means that the system can last indefinitely without having a costly replacement, making it hard for other companies to compete.”

Another unique feature of Waterloo Biofilter is their Operations & Maintenance (O&M) department. This fast-growing department has 15 years of servicing experience, with over 2000 systems maintained and 10 trucks on the road daily in Ontario. The O&M department ensures that all systems are functioning as designed, not only guaranteeing the longevity of the systems and minimizing costly repairs, but also keeping the environment safe from any leaks. The O&M department truly makes Waterloo Biofilter a one-stop shop for all your biofilter needs.

Waterloo Biofilter is not stopping there but looking to expand the company to continue providing innovative systems and superior service, while dominating the industry and outperforming their competition. Chris Jowett, Head of Technology and Government Relations, echoes this sentiment, saying, “Research and development, continuous improvement, and pioneering new technologies and techniques have always been at the core of who we are, and is what continues to drive us today.”

An Exciting Opportunity

The purchase of Waterloo Biofilter by Birchview Capital will serve to propel the company to new heights. Dan Madon, the new president and owner of Waterloo Biofilter, not only brings with him financial backing by Birchview, but also leadership experience and a growth mentality. With his background as a Chartered Accountant and Managing Director at Cisco, Madon is sure to continue Waterloo’s pattern of growth, and continue to invest in their goal of protecting the environment through modern technologies. Madon brings with him an advisory team, looking to heavily invest back into the market and revitalize the R&D department. Waterloo Biofilter and Madon share ambitious goals for the future, and the sky is truly the limit for what this company is on track to achieve with their revolutionary systems and customer service.