Waste Collection Equipment Market Share, Growth Forecast & Trends

Waste Collection Equipment Market

The Global Waste Collection Equipment Market is expected to grow at a considerable rate by 2030, with a growing CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 2022-2030.

Waste management is a global problem that affects many nations. Poor waste management is causing diseases to spread, obstructing sewers, polluting the oceans, raising the incidence of respiratory problems due to airborne particles produced by burning waste, and hindering overall economic growth.

Large population centres have also been generated by rapid urbanisation and population increase, making it harder and harder to collect waste and find land for waste treatment and disposal.

Thus, the utilisation of garbage collecting and sorting technology is necessary to address concerns with waste management. Dry waste and moist garbage are separated using a waste sorting device. Degradable garbage and non-degradable waste are separated from the dry waste.The non-degradable garbage is transferred to recycling facilities while the biodegradable waste gets degraded.

Global Waste Collection Equipment Market Important Events
Using a mixed trash sorting system, Bezner provided a turnkey solution in 2019 to Suez, a participant with headquarters in Belgium. To separate the trash into three sizes, the machine included two screens. The garbage is either cleaned by a magnetic overband system and divided into heavy waste and light waste by a wind shifter, or it is directly supplied to the sorting cabin where it is ready for handpicking, depending on the fraction size.

Global Waste Collection Equipment Market for Waste Management Equipment: Industrial Considerations
The market for waste management equipment is highly fragmented due to the large number of companies there. The market is mixed, with a sizable number of both domestic and foreign firms. The participants engage in extensive research and development projects that aid in their exploration of fresh perspectives on waste management equipment technologies. In order to appeal to a large consumer base, manufacturers in the waste management equipment market also work to make the products affordable.

The emerging coronavirus pandemic is causing a rapid transformation in the situation around medical waste. To efficiently dispose of medical waste, manufacturers in the waste management equipment market are creating waste management equipment in accordance with the needs of hospitals and COVID-19 care facilities.

Increased production capacity is turning out to be advantageous for the development of the waste management equipment industry. For instance, Linder Recyclingtech just started a new facility that is 45000 square metres in size as part of an expansion of its production capabilities. Tomra Systems, General Kinematics Corporation, Dover Corporation, and Wastequip, LLC are significant players in the market for waste management equipment.

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Global Waste Collection Equipment Market- Key trends

Stringent government regulations regarding waste management will drive the market expansion

In the upcoming years, it is projected that strict government laws governing trash management will increase demand for waste collecting and sorting equipment. Recycling waste can be separated using sorting equipment so that it can be recycled or reused. In consequence, this may lessen the amount of garbage produced overall.

Waste Collection Equipment- Segmental assessment

By type
• Covering garbage trucks
• Waste collection containers
• Trailers
• Vehicle retrofits
• Others

By end-user
• Household
• Waste management industry
• Public services
• Others

Global Waste Collection Equipment Market- Competitive landscape
The prominent companies defining the competitive terrain of this marketplace are Wastequip, LLC, HEIL, Meissner Filtration Products, Inc., Geesinknorba., Volvo, Dennis Eagle, Iveco, Dulevo International, Busch Systems, SSI SCH?FER, GRECO-ECOLOGY, Weber GmbH & Co, Paul Craemer GmbH, NORD ENGINEERING SRL, and Lubetech.

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