As Washington Post Inflames Rittenhouse Situation, Is Amazon Benefiting From Riots?

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The Washington Post released yet another inflammatory news article titled as follows:  “After Rittenhouse: Will deadly clashes multiply as the right to self-defense expands?”

This toxic and inflammatory narrative from The Washington Post comes notwithstanding the fact that video evidence in court clearly showed that the individuals shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in self defense, were everything but peaceful protestors. Whereas sadly three rioter were shot, their actions and background were far from innocent.

Is Amazon a major benefactor of riots and looting?

Whether it is lockdowns, riots and looting, they all have one thing in common: Less sales for physical retailers who compete with Amazon – and more sales for Amazon. Given this, would it not be prudent for Jeff Bezos, the owner of The Washington Post and founder of Amazon, to advise his subordinates of the huge conflict of interest he has whenever looting and rioting debilitates his competitors in physical retail spaces? Should the Washington Post really make such inflammatory remarks during such a critical moment for America?

It is easy to argue that in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and now Australia, given the presence of Amazon in these regions, that whenever physical retail stores are closed due to riots, looting and lockdowns, that Amazon is one of the few winners.

Did the “right to self-defense expand” in America?

With civil liberties in peril, and more states moving to disarm Americans from carrying guns, it seems irrational to argue that the trend is moving in the direction of self-defense expansion. Whereas judge Shroeder could have easily called the fiasco a mistrial and let Kyle Rittenhouse walk free early on, he persisted and let the jury come to a conclusion. Even Joe Biden who defamed Rittenhouse and falsely claimed he was a white supremist who in fact shot other white Americans in self defense, had to admit that the jury has spoken.

When Gaige Grosskreutz admitted pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse:

Left and Right united:

Contrary to toxic media claims that sought to portray both the Rittenhouse trial and protests in Europe (Austria, The Netherlands and Germany) as “far right” – it is actually a case of the left and the right uniting to stand up to an assault on conventional liberties.

Fact Check: Recent riots in The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels were actually the first instance where Antifa, the left and the right all came out in support of civil liberties – as this comes after Europe were promised “herd immunity” if 50% of the population would comply. Now that as much as 95% in Ireland complied, the 5% minority who did not inject themselves are being blamed for the entire countries misery. It is thus not a left / right divide as all citizens can see that what was promised, never transpired.

Final take:

Police in Kenosha backed down during violent riots that made America look like a war zone. They backed down because this was shortly after the George Floyd case. Ordinary business owners and the public were effectively left to their own protection as the police failed the citizens of Kenosha. This came at a time where civil rights groups pressured the pentagon against using the national guard to keep American cities safe – where law and order was not upheld.

NBC and The Washington Post – along with the sad performances of Don Lemon on CNN, shows that certain actors do no longer support the right of Americans to defend themselves. NBC was rightfully banned by judge Shroeder from entering the court house and may have legal consequences to face over jury intimidation. If the Washington Post and it’s clang genuinely care about America, let them support any incentives that could reduce public looting – but supporting a clear mistrial beyond the verdict and making inflammatory remarks that encourage looting and sheer criminality, is nothing but evidence of a sheer woke agenda.

Strong institutions may have protected America under Donald Trump as some claimed irrational moments by the president. However they very well protect the weak under Joe Biden too, as the jury overruled his poorly formulated views on the Kenosha shooting. Whereas many argue that the Biden infrastructure plans benefit Jeff Bezos – let them steer clear from undermining the judiciary and the right of every American under the constitution, including the right to self defense.

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