VR / AR industry has entered a new growth cycle; WIMI Hologram Cloud creates a new engine for development

Recently, according to media reports, the Apple RealityOS trademark has been found to be fully registered, and the registered company is “Realityo Systems LLC”, the company address and the same address used before the macOS California release. realityOS is an operating system for AR / VR devices, on Apple’s AR / VR devices.

Industry insiders speculate that Apple’s future product release is likely to be a VR upgrade form, MR / XR, which is expected to announce information about the device at WWDC22 (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) on June 6. It follows reports that Apple showed board members the upcoming AR / VR headsets, suggesting that the development of the device is nearly complete. Based on current progress, the headset is expected to be released between late 2022 and 2023.

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Some organizations believe that Apple’s upcoming MR product is expected to redefine the market. Based on Apple’s leading position in the past smartphone development process, Apple’s MR products could lead the VR / AR industry and push the sector into a new growth cycle.

Metaverse Concept Stimulating the VR / AR Market

As the Metaverse concept continues to grow, the global VR / AR market will see explosive growth in 2021. The global virtual reality and augmented reality (VR / AR) headset market grew 92.1 percent in the 2021 year on year with shipments to 11.2 million units. Meta Quest 2 is the most popular product to date, with 78% of the VR / AR market in 2021, leading the VR / AR market, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). According to Counterpoint Research, the total annual sales volume of Meta Quest 2 2021 exceeded 10 million units, or 10.4 million units accurately.
IDC forecasts that shipments of VR / AR headsets will grow 46.9% year on year in 2022 and reach double-digit growth by 2026 when global shipments of VR / AR headsets will exceed 50 million units at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.1%.
At present, many companies at home and abroad are entering the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, and recently called “Metaverse”, to seize the promising new “blue ocean”, intensifying the market competition in the VR / AR field, and is expected to drive the rapid development of related industrial chain enterprises. The holographic AR head enterprise WIMI will also benefit.

WIMI Hologram Cloud accelerates the layout of the Metaverse industry

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) announced its establishment of the Metaverse division last year, and is now become a pioneer in the global Metaverse field.

After several years of development, WIMI has established a relatively complete holographic AR technology research and development system, holographic AR content production and reserve system, and holographic AR commercialization system.In addition, WIMI actively carries out technical innovation and improvement of virtual people. The company owns nearly 5,000 holographic virtual IP rights and interests content, covering a wide range, including holographic animation, virtual live broadcasting, virtual idols, and virtual social networking. In addition, it also works with various content owners to convert high-quality IP into holographic virtual products to improve the operating system of the IP ecosystem. In the future, virtual people will gain a place in the Metaverse industry with their natural advantages such as diversity and high immersion.

In addition, WIMI has an advanced holographic AR application platform, with a relatively mature hardware environment, which is very beneficial to the software and content in the development field. In addition, the AR engine and the new generation of AI supercomputing centers will jointly constitute the Metaverse infrastructure, and WIMI has gradually formed an ecological closed-loop in the enterprise service field of AR + AI. With the deepening of cooperation with partners, WIMI will integrate AR + AI technology services into the overall digital transformation of enterprises, and constantly complete the visual algorithm accumulation, data accumulation, and knowledge accumulation in the direction of AR + AI.

Under the Metaverse tuyere, the global technology giants and various manufacturers are looking for entry into the Metaverse market. WIMI seized the development opportunities of the “Metaverse” industry, actively looking for ways to enter the Metaverse market, and launched a new round of hardware and software layouts. In addition, increasing investment to compete for the golden track, and promote the VR / AR market presents a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for companies wanting to get the Metaverse ticket. After all, anyone who can break through the VR / AR technology barriers first and win the first opportunity is more likely to “touch” the Metaverse.

To sum up, WIMI’s independent innovation opens a new entrance of the digital world with a new generation of visual light field technology, which can change consumers’ cognition and behavior mode, and make a little contribution to the development and progress of the whole society. It is believed that in the near future, technologies such as holographic technology will penetrate into all fields of society, build an all-round information ecosystem centered on users, and realize the vision of “information comes at heart, everything touches hands”.So that users can communicate face to face through the holograms, not limited by the network transmission speed, and truly achieve the “face to face” holographic transmission effect.

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It can be said that the entry of the giants has injected vitality into the VR / AR market, and the terminal equipment gradually starts.With the rise of Metaverse industry, the VR / AR industry has entered a period of rapid expansion, and the huge market demand will inject new momentum into the development of WIMI and other related industrial chain enterprises, and is expected to create a new engine for the company’s business development.

In a word, Metaverse is a popular word with popularity. In essence, it still takes VR, AR, XR and other technologies as the core to gather the development of related industries. For the application of Metaverse concept, local, or industry institutions have given Metaverse very high expectations.It is worth paying attention to the data show that in the first quarter of 2022, there were more than 43 VR / AR enterprises global investment and financing, including 18 investment and financing of more than 100 million yuan, the highest single financing amount reached 2.2 billion yuan, and the total financing amount reached 8.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 51% compared with 2021. Metaverse 2022 Metaverse is unstoppable!