VNSMART Disrupts the Blockchain Industry: A Revolutionary Approach To Brokerage?

VNSMART is the first blockchain broker firm within the introduction zone. Through their evolutionary platform, they enable their users to conveniently trade, communicate, and comment- developing holistic value contributors which are entitled to dividends and significant cryptocurrency rewards.

VNSMART: A Revolutionary Platform?

VNSMART is known for being the world’s first decentralized securities trading company. Traditionally, most broker firms charged active trading users: a) handling fees, b) platform fees, and c) trading commissions- bringing in significant monetary and marketing benefits for those platforms but leaving little room for the traders of these transactions to commensurately enjoy their performance, and reap the benefits of their chosen platform’s expansion and progression.

VNSMART is fighting to change the traditional ways of handling traders; their principle belief of ‘No borders for security transactions’, has allowed them to avoid corresponding commissions and primarily incorporate platform funds for adequate financing- making VNSMART solely stand out in comparison to its traditional counterparts.

In essence, trading with VNSMART ultimately means that the traders become shareholders of the company. With commission free trading, cryptocurrency rewards after every transaction, up to 50% financing to rejuvenate their users day trading, and the ability to reap extra rewards via dividend shares, it’s unsurprising that VNSMART is quickly developing into one of the most eminent industry colossals on the market today.

The company favours a ‘reversal strategy’. This means that when the direction of a price in a market trend eventually changes (either by going down, or by going up), VNSMART utilizes their field expertise, knowledge, and entrepreneurial curiosity to align with the trend prior to the actual reversal. 

Sufficiently utilizating market trends to such an extent can- and commonly does, reap exorbitant monetary and qualitative benefits for the company, This is because these types of reversals typically involve significantly large price changes in the market, and are therefore distinguished from their smaller counterparts- called consolidations.

Expanding VNSMART’s Reach

The company has reportedly secured a license allowing for the effective financial supervision in Singapore. This is extremely important, as it essentially means that a radical transformation of the traditional ways of securities trading is commencing. Traditionally, users of the platform could get rewards of cryptocurrency by either: a) mining, or b) contributing to their value. 

With increasing levels of technological innovation and investment within the block-chain sector, a prolific amount of users and brokers alike have reaped significant profits within 2020. One new internet security company, Haras, has been registered more than one hundred thousand times; should this trend continue, it is likely to become the next Robinhood of the UK.

GME Event: A Success?

As a result of millions of motivated, unconventional investors flooding into the stock market- and undoubtedly purchasing overvalued stocks, GameStop shares soared by an astounding 1.7 million %. 

Such an event is unprecedented which is rather unsurprising, considering it was effectively a demonstration of laymen traders competing with some of the most successful and powerful Wall Street giants in their own game, and temporarily winning.

VNSMART- in accordance with their aforementioned ‘reversal strategy’ regime which allows them to accurately predict and take advantage of the ample reversals in market trends, unsurprisingly fared extraordinarily well during the GME event. Consequently, the company received thousands of positive reviews and an inflation in both traffic and traders.

Final Take: VNSMART and their Vision

The growing titan’s vision has always been to sufficiently transform their relatively inefficient industry through an abundance of technological innovations and marketing strategies- a plan they have arguably already achieved to some extent. 

In accordance with the company’s identity and corporate ethos, VNSMART is working hard to ensure that every single deal is transparent, efficient, and adequately simple in nature so as to accommodate a variety of persons with a plethora of skills and knowledge. 

‘With uninterrupted intimate service, a portfolio of diverse and qualitative assets, and round the clock (24/7) live customer service, VNSMART undoubtedly has a lot to offer.’- John Glover, Digital Marketing Analyst.