Vegan Chocolate Market Study For Providing Information On Key Players, Growth Drivers And Industry Challenges

Vegan Chocolate Market

Vegan Chocolate Market: Overview

Any chocolate produced without the use of animal products is vegan chocolate. The ingredient list is the first thing that chocolate fan considers while searching for vegan chocolate. It is advised that vegan chocolate producers create chocolate bars using the fewest number of components feasible, such as sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and vanilla for typical chocolate bars. A vegan chocolate bar will be more appealing to consumers if it contains fewer ingredients.

The eating of plant-based items is known as veganism. Vegan chocolate is therefore regarded as being dairy-free. The vegan lifestyle is opposed to the consumption of all animal goods and byproducts, especially dairy items like cow milk. The best chocolate for vegans is dark chocolate, which is produced with cocoa butter rather than milk or other ingredients. Despite not containing any dairy products and going by the term “cocoa butter,” it is categorised as “butter” because of the smooth smoothness the vegetable fat extract gives it. The growing number of vegans and flexitarians is a major factor driving the worldwide vegan chocolate market.

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Additionally, the rise in environmental preservation movements and public awareness of animal abuse are helping the industry expand. Consumer food preferences have altered recently as a result of the increase in occurrences of lactose intolerance and other food-related allergies among both children and adults. Around 70% of people worldwide were lactose intolerant in 2019, according to data from the Food Tolerance Network.
The current situation has increased demand for vegan goods on a global scale. People all over the world have seen an increase in food allergies and lactose intolerance over the past few years as a result of dairy products such milk, cream, cheese, and yoghurt. Any number of allergies, including anaphylaxis, milk protein-induced encephalopathy, and protein-induced gastroenteritis, can be brought on by a dairy intolerance.

Global Vegan Chocolate Market: Major Players
Chocolate Inspirations
Theo Chocolate
Endangered Species
Equal Exchange
Thrive Market
Lulu’ s
Eating Evolved
Alter Eco
Endorphin Foods

Global Vegan Chocolate Market: Types

Global Vegan Chocolate Market: Applications
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A well-designed vegan diet that follows healthy eating principles offers all the nutrients a body needs. According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the British Dietetic Association, it is appropriate for persons of all ages and stages of life. Numerous studies link vegan chocolate consumption to lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other malignancies. By avoiding toxic animal fats, veganism helps to encourage healthy eating habits and lowers the likelihood of adverse effects. Chocolates made from plants are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and necessary fibre. Consumers who are lactose intolerant frequently prefer plant-based substitutes. Thus, there is a growing global demand for vegan chocolates.


When contemplating the circumstances and environments in which animals are raised, consumers are becoming more compassionate and sensitive to their plight. Due to worries about animal welfare, they are choosing plant-based items more and more often, particularly plant-based chocolates. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims that in order to increase cows’ annual milk production, BGH and antibiotics are given to them. In order to increase cow productivity and efficiency, various hormones are employed. Their health suffers as a result, and the likelihood that their children will be born with congenital abnormalities rises. Dairy milk, which many people today consider to be a substantial cause of environmental problems, is not used to make vegan chocolate. Crops can be used to make chocolates with milk as an ingredient. This would aid in addressing environmental issues.