Upcoming Artist Leilani White Launches Her New Album “Alive” To Raving Reviews

Leilani Whit

Featuring songs like “into the future” and “intense”, the already well-known womenpreneur is setting a new benchmark for women worldwide.

Amongst the top 3% content creators on a popular fansite, the stunningly attractive Leilani White perhaps needs no introduction. A prominent YouTuber and TikToker, she is well known for creating short music videos that appeal to a younger audience. Leilani currently has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.9 million followers on TikTok. She even got her Gold Play button within a year since she started her YouTube channel.

She orchestrates music bears that are upbeat and make people feel good. Here EDM music entertains her audience in every possible way. She is now back with her new album titled “Alive,” which has opened to an amazing response. She already runs her own clothing line, which can be found on Instagram under @leilani_line_. Previously, Leilani also launched a dating advice app, “Situational Ice Breakers,” which offers men a selection of carefully curated conversation starters, pickup lines, and other suggested remarks that can help even the shyest, socially awkward guys bring a hint of Romeo in them.

Leilani’s musical bias was clear from the time she was a youngster. She would be fiddling with an acoustic guitar while the other kids played with dolls. When her peers would spend hours watching a cartoon, Leilani would prefer to watch Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers on television. It was clear that this toddler had a special affinity for Electronic Dance music.

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, she soon found others who shared her sound, rhythm and beats passions. Led by Leilani, who also served as the DJ and producer of an Electronic Dance Music band, the group consisted of four members, each of which brought their own aesthetic to the band. In just five years, the band landed thousands of gigs with occasion festival appearances outside of Floria which proved crucial in shaping their sound and the musical journey.

Leilani White may be on her way to stardom, but it hasn’t been an easy road for her. She, like other artists, had to deal with several roadblocks that hampered her career. Mastering the “fruity loops” music program was one of them. She had never used a Digital Audio Workstation before, so learning the FL was challenging and perplexing. Leilani is such a go-getter that she mastered the FL and the drum machine, turntables, sampler, keyboards, guitar, synthesizers, and every other piece of equipment needed to make good music.

In addition to her above accomplishments, Leilani White has also partnered with OliveAndMints wedding video company in Florida, which filmed the wedding of Miss Boston 2012 pageant winner. However, an even rarer accomplishment was Leilani acquiring her Class A CDL license and driving an 18-wheeler despite only being 5’3 103lbs. We never know what to expect from this artist next but one thing is for sure, she is definitely setting the standards high for her generation while making a name for herself. She is a shining example of the age-old popular proverb “Beauty with brains!”


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