University Ste Anne: Navigating the Murky Waters of Rape Culture Accountability

University Ste Anne under rug sweep on its Rape Culture inaction

Sweeping Rape Culture Under the Rug: A Roman Catholic Tradition Unlike Any Other

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University Ste Anne: Navigating the Murky Waters of Rape Culture Accountability

Ah, University Ste Anne, the institution that prides itself on maintaining a serene Politically Correct facade while skillfully brushing its dirty laundry under the rug. The recent revelation of 53 documented sexual assaults on its campus merely adds another layer to the institution’s impressive legacy of denial and indifference. In the spirit of subtlety, let’s explore how this venerable navel gazing establishment has perfected the art of sweeping uncomfortable truths under the proverbial damage control rug.

 The University Ste Anne Legal Dance: An Orchestrated  Symphony of Avoidance

Enter Nicholas LeBlanc, the legal educator from the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, whose expertise provides the perfect backdrop for the university’s delicate dance around accountability in these days of no one at the wheel. LeBlanc speaks eloquently about the context of civil law, emphasizing the preponderance of evidence or the balance of probabilities. It’s almost poetic how the university, rather than taking concrete action, opts to engage in legal acrobatics to maintain a facade of responsibility without actually being held accountable on anything ;since the executive council answers to no one; they never did and never will.

The Token Complaints Receiver: Because We Care

In the grand tradition of ticking boxes on the corporate responsibility checklist, University Ste Anne has appointed a designated damage control agent to receive mounting complaints. How reassuring! This token gesture is a shining example of the institution’s commitment to appearing concerned while doing the absolute minimum. It’s almost as if they believe that by having a designated complaints receiver, they can magically absolve themselves of any responsibility for the festering issue at hand.Ignore it until it fades in the collective short  memory of the local Acadian community.

The Politically Correct PR Smokescreen: Hiding the Unpleasant Truth

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University Ste Anne: Navigating the Murky Waters of Rape Culture Accountability

To ensure that the unsavory details of the 53 sexual assaults (and let’s not forget the countless non-registered 100 plus ones the past 50 years) don’t tarnish the university’s squeaky-clean Roman Catholic image, they employ the tried-and-true strategy of political correctness. By wrapping themselves in the warm embrace of socially acceptable language and progressive rhetoric, the university creates a smokescreen, deflecting attention from the glaring reality that they are, in fact, a hotbed of misconduct.

Top brass Abandon Ship – Via the Retirees’ Escape

As the ship of University Ste Anne begins to sink under the weight of its own Rape Culture negligence, A. Surette, the captain of this ill-fated vessel, decides to retire. Perhaps he sees the sinking ship for what it is – a reflection of the institution’s failure to address the deeply rooted issues plaguing its campus. Meanwhile, E. Tuffs and D. Maillet Mullen, realizing the sinking ship is no place for them, choose to retire as well. However, in a cunning twist, they resurface as high-paid Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council SSHRC consultants, project du Jour conveniently distancing themselves from the chaos while cashing in on the very issues they once failed to address.

University Ste Anne: Navigating the Murky Waters of Rape Culture Accountability

The once thriving local community, unfortunately, remains trapped in a very stagnant and fractured socio-economic and socio-cultural gulag ghetto, where change is a distant dream; unless you are politically connected in the feudal patrimonial system. At the end of the day University Ste Anne and its legacy becomes a cautionary tale, a stark reminder of what happens when institutions prioritize self-preservation over the well-being of those they claim to serve. As the Maritimes continue to navigate the hard times of life, it seems that the only certainty is the perpetuation of a system that thrives on sweeping inconvenient truths under the proverbial rug.