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Two Texas high-schoolers offer their AP skills to students across America affected by COVID-19

With classrooms empty and universities closed, the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have allowed two Texas high-schoolers to share their skills with their remote peers. Within the first couple of weeks after releasing their site, GradeMyEssay received over 50000 website views and received thousands of essay submissions.

Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi

Andrew Choi and Arnab Paul are two experienced AP veterans offering their essay writing skills to students confided in their homes. While governments and educators work on finding new methods for effective teaching, it’s no secret that online classrooms are still filled with students ready to finish the academic year. But while everyone tries to get a grip on the pandemic, these high-schoolers have created a platform where students can submit writing work to be assessed. Responding to our request for information, Choi and Paul said the following:

How did GradeMyEssay launch?

Arnab Paul
Arnab Paul

After sharing a Tik-Tok video with a couple of friends, they didn’t expect it to receive over 375,000 views in just a couple of days. Since making waves on social media, they have attracted almost 70 editors from both high-school and undergraduate institutions. GradeMyEssay has received a copious amount of support from students caught in the middle of the global crisis. The launch of GradeMyEssay has connected students who need to receive a second opinion on their work. The feedback offered by the team has eased students to be less stressed over their projects.

The severity of COVID-19 has already been felt by everyone, but Andrew and Arnab sensed that they have an obligation to use their skills and abilities to cushion the adverse effects of the crisis. Students have seen the need to obtain additional feedback, as many teachers are trying to assist wherever they can. GradeMyEssay has placed focus on their essay revision and writing support services with the added benefit of helping students with other resources. Although peers are there to help one another, the final work is to be completed by the student.

Who can use the platform?

No matter the type of subject, or who might be submitting it, the team are at the ready. They are ignoring politics and social division to focus on the bigger issue at hand. Education has always been deemed important, but these strange times have seen many people left without basic resources or necessities. GradeMyEssay has a no-commitment view, opening the site to anyone, from anywhere to gain access to what they have to offer. Many online writing platforms will sometimes require additional information or perhaps sign-up to a paid plan to access additional features. At the moment they offer a variety of writing services such as essay feedback, writing resources, online tutoring, and writing resources.

Who’s part of your editorial team?

They might not be operated by one individual company, or even boast grammar checking software, but they have simply given peers the opportunity to help in any capacity possible. If you won’t be using the site to submit your work, you can always sign up to become part of the team, this way GradeMyEssay will have a variety of experienced graders available to anyone’s disposal. They already have more than 70 editors from different education levels helping where they can.

What does the future look like for you?

Every community, not just in the United States, but around the world are trying their best to assist. Andrew and Arnab have seen the void where they can help. After recently launching a GoFundMe campaign, the team can now start using additional resources to upgrade and perhaps improve already offered features. The efficiency they offer does come with a waiting period, as high demand has placed pressure on those helping out wherever they can. GradeMyEssay is a true representation of what people can do in times of crisis. As many have already started helping, they represent an online community to ensure the coming generations will enjoy education in the sanctity of the classroom.

As the summer season sweeps in, the team will still have a multitude of challenges and work ahead of them. Although they aren’t skeptical of the success, they keep the focus on delivering quality feedback for their peers who need it the most.

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