TRUSS Opens EoR Services in Kazakhstan

Image from Kazakhstan

With companies struggling to find people to fill open roles, more and more are looking at alternative options, especially in the field of software development. TRUSS has been helping to solve that for several companies by allowing them to augment and build their workforce with talent in Central Asia. Recently, TRUSS opened another entity in Central Asia in the tech giant of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has been an underutilized market for talent since the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike many “go-to” countries in other regions, the hires that TRUSS has already worked with in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia have had very little attrition all the while providing skills that are on par with and often better than domestic hires. 

TRUSS can source talent in the region with its recruiting team that is local to the region. This is a competitive edge that many of its competitors do not have. Its vetting process ensures that hires will be able to perform all the tasks asked of them and more. Communication will not be a barrier as any candidates will also have the necessary English skills. The company promises end-to-end service that includes sourcing, hiring, managing payroll, compliance, a complete HR platform and even consulting services.

By partnering with an EoR or employer of record service—like TRUSS—companies can quickly build their development teams without spending thousands of dollars and months of work to set up their own entity in the country. TRUSS has already laid that groundwork so that companies can begin hiring on day one.

Not only do countries in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, have a large presence in tech, but these countries are currently experiencing a tech talent boom. This boom has been so large that—unlike in the U.S.—these countries have more software developers than they have positions to fill.

This situation is in part due to recent conflicts in the region which have led many people—especially among the highly educated—to migrate to more favorable countries in the region. Many EoR services and even big tech companies are scrambling to the region to acquire this talent before it dries up, but TRUSS is already set up and ready to hire.

TRUSS is a start-up, however, its founders have built multiple companies, thousands of websites and dozens of software applications in the last two decades all using talent found in Central Asia. In addition to Kazakhstan, TRUSS also offers the same end-to-end EoR services in Uzbekistan and Georgia with more entities in Central Asia expected to open this year.