Top 5 Websites Interior Designers Can Use To Find The Best Products

Interior design has evolved over the past decade, with technology changing the way in which the industry operates. Thanks to such advancements, interior designers are able to have access to a wide variety of products and services that can push their ideas and potential to the next level. In the United States, the industry is valued at around 40 billion dollars, just showcasing how much it has grown and changed over the years. 

With so many websites available for designers looking to bring their ideas to life, it is important for architects, interior designers, carpenters, and more to know which websites are the best of the best. This article will break down some of the most efficient and innovative websites that help designers on their business journey to create something that suits the latest and most fashionable trends

1. Design Defender 

Design Defender is an online platform that caters to the needs of those in the Architecture and Design Industry. This website has a long list of modern products that are created by significant designers and brands. 

By utilizing technology, Design Defender is able to create a modernized search engine that ranks products when users perform a search. This ranking system streamlines the process so that designers do not need to comb through thousands of results before finding the best product for them. 

The ranking system is not influenced by external forces such as manufacturers paying to list higher, creating an objective take that consumers can trust. With weekly updates that guarantee thousands of new quality products are added to the website and a system that fights counterfeits on the market, Design Defender ticks all of the boxes to satisfy those in the interior design industry.

2. Iconomy 

Iconomy seeks to deliver an unforgettable design experience that opens up a whole new world of opportunities for interior designers. 

For interior designers focusing on designing homes and apartments, this website has a range of products that suit a modern and unique decorative style. From having products for wall decoration, the kitchen, and the bathroom, to having outdoor decorations and artworks that match the style of an apartment, Iconomy does it all. 

Designers who are looking to get a headstart are also able to look at the “Designers Workshop” section, where they can purchase a concept design before it is fully realized at a discounted price.  

3. Schoolhouse 

Schoolhouse aims to give designers the necessary products so that a dream home or workspace can be created, one that not only has productive use but a sense of personality that has character and meaning. 

For designers who are looking for classic American manufacturing when it comes to lighting and lifestyle goods, Schoolhouse can provide all of the key products needed to create that aesthetic. Each product is designed, assembled, and shipped by them, with quality assured. 

This website brings together old and new designs to create something unique that is timeless and can never be outdated, making the job for interior designers that much easier. 

4. Amazon Home 

While Amazon might be known for being one of the biggest E-commerce platforms selling a list of different products, many might know about their home products selection which could be the optimal choice for designers who need something very specific.

This website offers a list of products based on color, design, and the latest trends, so interior designers are able to find a good mix of products that can suit almost any style they’re going for. 

Amazon Home has furniture, electronic appliances, raw materials, and more. You can even explore products you might need based on your taste or room style. Interior designers can have a field day going through all of these selections. 

5. World Market

World Market helps keep interior designers up to date on the latest design trends so that they can deliver a contemporary design to their customers. 

From rugs, pillows, and outdoor furniture, to having the best products for the kitchen and dining room, World Market covers all of the necessary design basics.

Interior designers stuck in a rut can turn to this website for ideas that can inspire an entire design. 

Final Thoughts 

Interior designers will never be lost for options when it comes to finding the optimal products that can cater to their design needs. The above-mentioned websites such as Design Defender are some of the best on the market.

With new technological advancements, algorithms, and more, interior design websites are the perfect way to go for architects and designers who need to find the best products created by some of the best of the best.